April 29, 2007

Nodi & Heli... !!

Ah ! Guess what ?! I watched a Kannada movie today K/as Mungaaru Male (First rain) !! I was invited to this movie screened here at Naz Cinemas this afternoon by my friend. I had no options but to accompany him this afternoon to this movie:-( . Inside the hall,so many channagedeera's were heard. Anyways,I had my share of interesting events inside the hall. I was seated next to a 10yr old ABCD boy who,like me doesnot know /or has limited knowledge of Kannada :-).My friend was interpreting this movie for me in English,just like the little boy's mom who was also translating dialogues to him .

This little boy seemed to know little about India. In the first scene,the Hero falls into a Manhole/ sewer and this boy just didnot have an idea of what that was !! He asked his mom about that..whats that mom..and his mom couldnot answer him..

And he was just laughing at all the songs and fights where the Hero dances or trashes a gang single handedly..

I feel Indian movies to desikids here seems like an amusing experience for them! Guess,these kids are just split between two worlds..world of their own experiences and the exposure being provided to them by their parents !

Whatsoever, I liked this song very much even though i can't decode the meaning !

Enjoy maaadi !!