February 21, 2007


From NewYork's -Craigslist rants & raves section !

Rude, Ignorant, Arrogant Indian B*****s in Supermarket.

Reply to: pers-281525410@craigslist.org
Date: 2007-02-20, 12:47AM EST

I was shopping at the local supermarket today. Purchased about 5 or 6 items and went to the Express Checkout line. 10 Items or less. In front of me were a couple of mid-to-late twenties Indian women. (I use the word women loosely!)
They were each purchasing and paying for their shit separately.
I noticed that the bitch in front of me had much more than 10 items. I took a quick count, she had sixteen items. That's about sixty percent over the number of allowed items! She then had the gall to leave the line while her friend who was in front of her was being rung-up, to leave the line, get another item (making it 17) and getting back in line in front of me!
I had enough at this point, and told the skanky, fat, smelly Indian bitch that she was very rude, and that this was the express line, and that she had almost double the amount of items allowed. I asked her if she could read, and pointed to the clearly marked sign (10 items or less) clearly posted on top of the register!
The bitch went off on me telling me to "shut up" and to "mind my own business".
This only enraged me further, and I had some choice words for her fat ugly ass!
One of the things that came out of my mouth was "low-life". The bitch then went off as to how "I wish I made as much money as her" and "you wish you had as much education as me".
First of all, I don't understand how the cunt can make that determination, but I told the skink that if she was so educated, she should be able to read the fucking sign! Don't you hate it when a-holes who are clearly in the wrong get so indignant and self-righteous?
It's typical of these f**king Indian bastards! They come here, then have the audacity to think they're better than everyone, and think they are above the decent rules of civility! Even the fucking educated Indians are so fucking stupid when it comes to common sense and everyday life. They are always doing something stupid, rude, or disgusting!
F**k you…. you curry smelling, fat, ugly, rude, insecure, Indian C*nt!
Go back to your third-world slums and run amok over there. We know that in India, there are no such things as; rules, civility, hygiene, respect for personal space, and self-respect. If you want to live amongst civilized people, clean up your fucking acts you filthy, low-life animals!

There, I feel much better!!!

If you want to read more of intelligent/ignorant servings on Indian/India bashings -surf NYC rants & rave section !! Have fun !!

February 15, 2007

எப்படி இருந்த நான்..........

இப்படி ஆய்ட்டேன்.. !

OOPS...Kumudam DID IT again !

Just last month,Kumudam published a similar writeup as its cover story !!

I guess these Journo's take Article 19 of Indian Constitution for granted !!

February 14, 2007

OOPS...Dinamalar DID IT again !

See this link :

It looks like Dinamalar photographers/reporters waited clandestinely at various locations to click few pictures of the V-Day occasion.

Those people in the pictures are not celebrities. They are just ordinary people who have come to a public place to celebrate the day.
In my view,this is a total invasion of their privacy and this definitely is not a way to expose them in the front page.

Now i call this a "Creative Journalism" !


February 12, 2007

February 11, 2007

An eMail Fwd :

All in a day's work !!

I was talking to Mr.Vellaichaamy -1 at work today.

V 1 : Did you watch Super Bowl ?

I : No, I didn't watch the game but i did follow up with the news .

V 1 : So, Whats your favorite game ?

I : Cricket

V1 : Whats that ?

I : Its a different version of a base ball game in the eastern world. [I didnt know what to tell him :-( ]

V1 : [ Still Puzzled ! ]

I : Well, what cricket means to you is what superbowl to me :-)


Conversation with Mr.Vellaichaamy 2 !

V2 : Hello bud, which part of India are you from ?

I : (Surprised ) I am from southern part of India ,Madras .

V2 : Oh ...Mad raasi . I was in India for 6 years.

I : Good to hear that !

V2 : I got a question . Why is south Indian food more spicy than North Indian ?

I : Well...err....err... :-(

உங்களுக்கு தெரிஞ்சா சொல்லுங்கப்பா.... அவருக்கு அடுத்த வாரம் பதில் சொல்லனும் !

February 08, 2007

What happened to your OLD notebook ?

I came across this discussion on the uses of a OLD LAPTOP on New York's Craigslist rants and raves section . Few of the replies are funny, nevertheless there are good suggestions too !! I gathered those replies and posted here . Read on !!

Donate it to a Katrina victim.

Get a can of spray paint and stickers and turn it into a "Hello Kitty" laptop.

Carefully remove the video screen and mount it to the front of a fishtank so that the fish look like the old Macintosh "after dark" screensaver.

You can put it on your bookshelf or something.

Carefully take apart an etch-a-sketch and attach it to your laptop screen in such a way that it looks like Dilbert's pointy-haired boss' laptop.

Mount it in a picture frame on your wall and have it run "webshots" 27 X 7.

Load it up with spyware and give it to your ex.

Connect it to a high-voltage source somehow and leave it unattended somewhere. Use hidden camera to win big prize in "America's stupidest criminals home video" contest.

Pick a woman, any woman, in Buffalo whose kids all managed to get themselves killed because they were hanging out with violent criminals. Load some educational software on it and donate it to her. Suggested subject: Parenting


1. stick it up your ass!

2. exchange for sex

3. donate to material for the arts [mfta.org]

4. give to family member, maybe a sister or cousin who may be starting college in the spring and would love a 2002 laptop even without all the new WOW factors

5. put it above your fireplace and use it as an electronic picture frame 'cause that is all a 2002 laptop is good for anymore.

6. keep it as a back up porn computer so you don't get an STD on your new shinny one

7.Give it to a church, charity, or school of your choice.

8.Give it to me so I can sell it!


Read them ?

Now , am wondering what to do with my 2003 compaq system ! I thought of giving it to my college going cousins,but they have purchased new notebooks with a higher configuration in India :-) . This laptop holds a sentimental value to me (sundaikaai...) as i bought this in my first salary :-) . I would like few suggestions from fellow Desis !! Go ahead and share your ideas in my comments sections on what you did to your laptops the Indian way !!



Sorry for the interruption

This is only my introduction

During the cross examination

You will see the action cum direction

I will do with perfection

In the name of witness you are playing with imitation

Thats my conception ...

No,Thats your assumption

Don't get emotion and irritation

you wait and see me for the action !!!!!!!!!!!!!!



இந்தா புடி

அப்புறமா படி

படிச்சுட்டு கண்ணீர் வடி


Daddyயும் புடிக்காது

தாடியும் புடிக்காது



After all சின்ன பையன் முருகன்

அப்பனுக்கே சொன்னான் பாடம்

இந்த சின்ன பையன்

அப்பனுக்காக செய்ய கூடாதா வாதம்.


பேசறது நான் பேச வைக்கறது அவரு

நடிக்கறது நான் நடிக்க வைக்கறது அவரு

நிக்கறது நான் நிக்க வைக்கறது அவரு

நட போடறது நான் நட போட வைக்கறது அவரு

அவருனா நீங்க கேட்கலாம் அது யாருனு

சொல்லாமலே தெரியும் அது TRனு


நேத்து சய்ந்தரம் ஆபிஸ் முடிஞ்சு வீட்டுக்கு வந்தா ஒரே போர் அடிச்சுச்சு .அதனால இந்த படம் பாக்கலாம்னு முடிவு பண்ணினேன் . படம் மட்டும் பார்த்தா போதுமா ? அப்படியே MS WORDல நோட்ஸ் எடுத்து உங்களையும் குஜால் பண்றேன்...

இன்னா வர்ட்டா !!

February 06, 2007

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