July 29, 2007


Hello everyone,
This is not a kind of post that i often write on my blogs. Today,I ask for your help.

Sarabesh,a three year old child was born with partial visual impairment (poor vision in one eye) and profound-total hearing impairment on both ears . He was recently diagnosed and his parents were counselled to start a rehab program for him .

This little child would benefit from a surgery known as Cochlear Implant . This is a pretty successful implant but a costly one to afford by the family [A minimum of 700,000 INR is required ]. His father works for a food processing unit, earning about 4000INR PM and his mother, a former house maid. A surgery for his vision is also pending.

At this time, he would benefit from a pair of Strong Class Behind -the-Ear Hearing aids to start the aural rehabilitation process. These hearing aids would cost about 25000 INR.

I appeal to all good hearted souls to offer their help for procurement of his immediate aids.

Donations can be sent to his father's home address.

4/153 Sivakami Ammaiyar Street ,
M A Nagar ,
Red Hills -Chennai 600 052

The family can be reached thru a neighbor's phone : 93821 26943 [A cell phone is still a luxury item for them ]

I can also be reached @ 99529 38354 for more information.