January 30, 2006

Whoa !! -2

This incident happened at the office today !! I met with a colleague from Japan.We were chatting casually during lunch break and as he enquired much about me, i told him..am from south of India, Madras, blah..blah... .Just then,my colleague quipped.."Oh,from the land of Rajini" !

Whoa !! Thats the charm of Super* !!

January 28, 2006

Whoa !!

..Though i had planned a break from blogging, i couldnot resist a post on Rang-De-Basanti- !!It is surely a Republic Day treat, a movie based on this story line .The Director deserves to be applauded for his concept of relating the pre-independence events against our colonial rulers to the present day situation that is ruled by corrupt politicians.The crew-with special mention to Siddharth-has given their best performance -AMAZING ! MUSIC-ARR-ULTIMATE!!
No reviews here, but it is worth the $$ that you'll never regret for watching this movie.
The dialogues in the movie are down to earth ,which one can relate to the current situations. A dialogue in the final scene goes likes this..."There are two kinds of people, one who tolerate with the society and lives along with it, the other who strives to make a difference in the society..". It irks me for i dont fit in any of those categories as i had moved elsewhere for a living, and on the other hand, incidents like Dubey's and Manjunath's -The whistle blowers of corruption keeps happening in our country.
Is there a solution to end these ills in our society ?

January 26, 2006

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இனிய குடியரசு தின நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள் !!

January 17, 2006

Oh ! I was not taught about this in my HRM classes !!

January 15, 2006

YO YO ! Listen to dis !!

I just got to listen to the song Pushing it hard from the movie kanda-naal-mudhal ,and it struck me that the tune seems to be an inspired lift from Ja Rule/Ashanthi's Rap number Wonderful. ( Full video )and few other rap mixes. The beats are very familiar to me and it sure sounds they are from recent HipHop/R&B chartbusters.

To be specific, Listen to the interludes and the rhythm after the english rap in the "Pushing it hard song" and compare with the tunes from "Wonderful ".

The lyric - I got the magic stick/Iam the love doctor was lifted from 50 CENT'S Candy Shop song !! (Verse 1 : Line 9).Most of the words seems to be a lift from 50's -In da club/P1MP songs !

A few month's earlier , Ganesh had posted about BEP 's lift from Ilayaraja's tune. Now,its the turn of his sons to get inspired from western music !!

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P.S :Iam a hardcore Rahman fan that i hardly bother to listen to other scores !! If i did, i wud end up writing like this !!..LOL !!

January 09, 2006

Adeeengappa !!


NOTE :இனி நியுயார்க் வரும் Bloggersக்கு இது தான் GiFt ! சொல்லிப்புட்டேன் !!

January 08, 2006

!@#$%^^%#$#@@#$ !!

Omahaa mia @#$T%^
Initial wordings @Pudichurukku (Samy)
Mohalai Mohalai ..(Arasaktchi)
Saiyo Saiyo..
Rangola hola hola..

X-Machi..Y Machi FM Mirchi....
Randakka Randakka..yelaa yelaa/olaa olaa..
Initial wordings @..Oh Sukumaari..
Ole Ole Ole @ Kaadhal Yaanai...
And much more...

Can anyone tell me know what these jargons are supposed to be ?
Invariably almost all scores by HJ has these claptrap vocabulary ! Whom should i hate ?? HJ or the lyric writer ?

A Telugu friend of mine asked the meaning for Randaka,Hola,Bola..etc , for he assumed them to be Tamil words probably 'coz most of the Tamil movies gets dubbed in Telugu.
What would i say ??

அர்தத்த விட்டுப்புட்டா அதுக்கொரு -பாவமில்ல
பழகின பாஷயில படிப்பது பாவமில்ல
என்னமோ ராகம் என்னன்னமோ தாளம்
தலைய ஆட்டும் புரியாத கூட்டம்
எல்லாமே சங்கீதம் தான்.. எல்லாமே சங்கீதம் தான்
சத்தத்தில் பிறந்த சங்கதிதான்
சட்ஜமமென்பதும் தைவதமென்பதும் பஞ்ச பரம்பரைக்கு அப்புறம் தான்


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January 03, 2006

Desi sounding cities in US....

.......Just came across few interesting Desi sounding cities in USA !!

Bombay : New York !
Delhi : New York !
Madras : Oregon !
Sa-Lem : Oregon !

Ganesha : Southern California !

....please add anything interesting that you've come across to this list !!

Adeeeeeeeeengappa !!

.....while browsing thru' matrimonial websites , i bumped upon this URL !

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