March 30, 2006

Medical blues !!

1.This morning i received a phone call from a doctor's office reminding me of an appointment.
I totally forgot about this,because i called them up about 3 months ago but got the appointment dates now.They called me to ask if i still would want to dropby to see the doc ! I told them i got "cured " of that condition !!

2.Been to dentist's office for regular dental cleaning . The dentist completed this work in about 10 minutes time. This cleaning usually takes about 2 sittings in India. Sensing that am not satisfied, the dentist quipped..What else can you expect for $10 copay ?..

What should i do ? Call my insurance company and change the Doctor !!YET AGAIN !

March 29, 2006


Its been long long time since i visited this restaurant famed for its Idly's and sambhar.
And now that they have opened a branch at Velachery,I hope PK would treat me there when i visit him this summer !
:-( Why am i talking about food all the time ?! :-(
Burger bread saaptu ........ Kaanju pochu da !

March 28, 2006

March 26, 2006


Why is that western documentaries about India always start with a clip about bullock carts,cows on roads ,monkeys and crowded slums ? What/How would you reply when your colleague asks about expensive cars and carts moving along together in city roads ? or about monkeys/animals living amidst communities?

Any answers ?

Yummy blogs !

I never knew that scores of desi food blogs exists until i bumped onto this site searching for a recipe ! Take a look and dont forget to savor thru' the blogrolls there !

March 23, 2006

Huh !

Am looking for an apartment to move ,and i got few responses from renters who had seen my adv. in

Caller : I saw your adv in Sulekha, and are you looking for an apt ?
I : Yes
Caller : Which part of India are you from ?
I : Chennai,Tamil Nadu
Caller : Sorry (Hung the phone )
Another Incident :
Caller : Hello, am calling about your adv in
I : Yes,Please
Caller : Aap India se hain kya ?
I : Yes
Caller :(Starts talking to me in HINDI)
I : Excuse me,Can you tell that in English..
Caller :( It seemed like he wasn't interested to talk much.. and abruptly answered my queries..)
I : :-( :-(


March 21, 2006


.....been playing this for Nth time !!

March 13, 2006


I got to watch "Kanda Naal Mudhal" over the weekend....Indeed, its a clean movie !!

Minsara Kanavu (1997) + Kushi (2000) + Roja Kootam (2002) = Kanda Naal Mudhal (2005)

March 12, 2006

Human Billboards on rise ?!

Hey, Remember THIS ?



I caught up with few interesting chats with my friends that had come over to visit us over the weekend.

1. We were discussing about best cars to buy. Everyone suggested either Toyota or Nissan or Honda, but very few had approvals for American made cars ( A typical desi syndrome !). Some one even told that Desi's wouldn't prefer a SATURN , not 'coz its American made, but that the name relates to Shani (சனி !) .
Oh Well, I already own a Saturn and it runs smooth and have no problems yet !! (Touchwood!).

நம்ம மக்கள் கடல் கடந்து வந்தும்.......ஊம்...ஒன்றும் சொல்வதற்கு இல்லை !

2.This guy works in a Motel and he had his share of jokes for us.

He : Welcome to **** Motel, This is Suman,how may i help you ?
Customer : Some one ? How can some one help me ? Whats your name ?
He : This is suman
Customer : Semen ?
He :S-U-M-A-N (Spells out)
Customer :Oh, SU-MAN
He :Yeah..
And now Suman calls himself SAM !

Thats funny !

March 07, 2006

இந்தியாவின் எதிர்காலம் !


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Right right, Pogalaam po !

PIC: Dinakaran;March 8,2006.

March 04, 2006


Vaiko to MK ::
போடா போடா புண்ணாக்கு.. போடாதே தப்பு கணக்கு..

MK to Vaiko ::
பொடா பொடா உனக்கு.. போடாதே தப்பு கணக்கு..

பொதுஜனம் ::
அம்மா ஆண்டாலும்..
ஐயா ஆண்டாலும்..
எனக்கொரு கவலை இல்லை....

Pic : The Hindu.

March 03, 2006


Funny road signs !

Something similar to "Nesa-mani pon-naiya theru" !!

And i got a friend here by name Dikshit !

March 01, 2006


Are you VETTY enough ?

Listen here if you are really VETTY !

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