June 28, 2005

Trip 2

Back to my trip to India...

I found these photographs at my Grandma's house at Madurai.

My Grandmother at left side before her wedding !!

A Wedding Greeting given to my Grandfather !! Posted by Hello

Click on the wedding greeting to enlarge and read !! . It dates back to 1925. Phrases related to The Indian Independence struggle like "Vande Matharam ","Jawaharlal Nehru ku Jay " "Mahatma Gandhiku Jay" and "Bharatha deviyin pathame thunai" can be seen.


A must see place....

I just fell in love with the beauty of this place .. THE CATSKILL MOUNTAINS.. .
A perfect spot for fishing, camping and trekking !! Its in upstate NY , a 3 hour drive from the city. I could imagine how amazing the forest looks in autumn,winter and spring....
One other thing i noticed is that : i never saw any DESI's around !! Namma makkal is always seen in NYC, niagara falls but not here !! A must see place Indeed !!

Beautiful Drive....!!

Patchai Nirame Patchai Nirame...

Hey, Whoz this Rambo ?? Posted by Hello

June 26, 2005

Caption Contest......

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UPDATE : Monu got a Hilarious caption. Kudos !!
"in my current mood, i can only think of this...project manager, team leader and scape goat!!!"

Everyone else :Thanks for your participation...

FYI: The instantaneous responses reflect an individuals state of mind and their personal experience . Here, the Popular response is "follow the leader" and the unique response is by the one that thinks "out of the box"..Its all about Human Psychology !!


Seems like none can beat us even when it comes to reading blogs...!!

June 24, 2005


நாளைக்கு நான் மீன் பிடிக்கப் போகிறேன்...மீண்டும் வரும் வாரம் சந்திப்போம்.....

I'm outtie.....



1 ......

Apropos to my EARLIER POST , my friend did a tireless search and forwarded me THIS LINK ....Take a look !!

Hmm..Am thinking about it !!


June 23, 2005

Guess this Place .... !!

. Posted by Hello


This place is called as Mariamman Teppakulam at Madurai .
More Links Here , Here and Here .

Mr.Ram of Dreamstores wins the contest...Kudos !!

Everyone else..Thanks for your participation .

June 21, 2005

The argument continues........

Mr.Chakra Vs Ms.Uma Posted by Hello

LIFE ??!!

வாழ்க்கையே அலை போல.......
நாமெல்லாம் அதன் மேல........
................. .................. ......................
................... ............... ........................ !!

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June 18, 2005

Ungal ponnaana vaaku ....Madurai Meenakshi ke....

Please look at NEW 7 WONDERS WEBSITE and cast your vote for Madurai Arulmigu Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple.

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Thanks Bloggers..

At chennai, i spoke with Praveen , Harish ,and Dr.Sophia regarding a mini bloggers meet.But,due to time constraints and vacation plans of Praveen,Harish we were unable to meet.
With his usual wit,Harish replied to me in one of his emails:

"AND i got ferrero rocher for ya folks.."

idha firstae solla koodadha? :D jus kiddin :)

It was great to be in his SMS club !! SMS unlimited !!

Thanks folks..Keep in touch.

Oru SMS joke :
An Indo-Japanese joint venture planned to build a tall tower .They decided to name the project and finally arrived at this name "NIKUMO NIKATHO"

June 17, 2005

Trip -Part I

Hello Again,
Now..This much expected friday evening is here and i got time to share with y'all my Experiences at chennai..Here i go...(ore kushi ippo so...no grammar,no english ,no tamil..Tanglish..okya..)

I took Kuwait airways to chennai (JFK-KUWAIT-CHENNAI) and the flight was comfortable..NY-Kuwait flight was good .Seemed like the elite and well mannered (social gestures ) people travelling in the flight.As i landed in Kuwait airport, i got a feeling that am at chennai..Inge namma makkal flight kaaga( Read BUS)kaathu irukaanga..As i got on the next connecting flight, i felt i was travelling in an omni bus..ore sala sala satham..en seat pinnadi 10-12 WIS-MAD grad pasanga on vacation to India, paatu, koothu..kalakkal..Airhostess had hard time controlling the crowd. Naan Aisle seatla sitting and En pakkathu window seat kaarar..made a leap long jump, climbing on the seat to get across me..and he never wanted to wear the seat belt.....I reached chennai finally ..5.00AM and 29 deg cel..Was much happy to see my parents and brother and moved on to collect my baggage...

A SHOCK AWAITED ME :...En petti UDAIKAPPATTATHU...Inge JFK la inspected seal pottu vanduchu..and some stuffs worth 600 $ Missing..ellam naan kondu ponathu surgical equipments for my thambi...Adhu oru periya kathai..

Next..in PART II

Appadiye en kasamusa vaiyum paarunga ..Thanks !!

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My American Neighbors had comeover to my home last evening just for a chat about my trip to India. I gave them few Indian Handicrafts and offered some cookies + Thattai +Murukku + Tea ..
They relished Thattai and likened it to Indian Version of Tortilla chips..
What a combo of Thattai + Salsa..
Btw ,They asked the English equivalent name for them !!Can anyone suggest me a name for Thattai ,Murukku ,seedai ??
And, They also liked the Idiyaapam that i made and called it "String Hoppers"..Indian
brethren of Noodles !!

June 14, 2005

View From my Window....4 SEASONS !!

This is one of my cherished collections becoz i waited for a whole year to click the pictures through my window..Hope you liked it !!




Summer  Posted by Hello

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