March 01, 2008

I found this MSN blogpost to be very interesting !

//I’m curious: Will anyone else out there cop to picking up change when you see it on the street, in a hallway, or wherever? If so, do you have a standard for this, e.g. you’ll pick up a quarter but not a penny, or you’ll only pick up that quarter if no one can see you doing it?
I’m actually superannuated enough to remember penny candy. It was cause for celebration to find a coin, because we could go to the store and get Smarties, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Pixy Stix or a host of other treats.
These days, I save the coins I find in a vase my daughter gave me when she was 8 or 9 years old. (She got the vase from the “free” box at a yard sale.) Each year at Christmastime I donate my finds to a charity.
I’ve found anywhere from about $9 to more than $16 per year. Maybe that will make some of the rest of you take notice...? Or would picking up pennies be totally embarrassing to you?
Hint: A good place to look for change is in the Coinstar machine. Sometimes the machine spits a coin out because it’s foreign, or damaged; sometimes it’s simply overwhelmed and lets some perfectly good specie fall through.
And FYI: so far this year I’ve found $5.24.
Come on, who else is brave enough to admit doing this???//

Upon reading such a post, even am too curious to hear from fellow (desi) bloggers on their " paisa picking " experiences ! Do share them in my comments section !! Thanks !!