January 31, 2007

Just a joke....

A conversation with a Pizza Delivery Guy (PDG) ..

PDG : So,are you from Pakistan ?

I : No ,I am from Hindustan (Grrrrrrr)

PDG : Where is it ?

I : Its near Pakistan .

This conversation happened between me and a Shop-Manager (SM) a few days ago.

SM : Are you from Pakistan ?


SM :Or from Bangladesh ?

I : NO, Iam from India .

SM : Where is it ?

I :Its between the two countries that you just mentioned..

SM : (Still Puzzled)

I :How come you know Pakistan and Bangladesh and not a big country like India ?

SM : Well, i got my toilet fixed from those guys !


I guess a couple of reasons be inferred from the above incidents .

1.Indians sit behind cubicles coding rather than fixing toilets.

2 . Americans shaky on geography as per this news article !!

January 27, 2007

Surya and Jyothika on Autism

Surya and Jyothika on Autism - Brought to you on Net by Kollywoodtoday.Com



January 26, 2007

. Posted by Picasa
இனிய குடியரசு தின நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள் !!

January 20, 2007


I typed http://www.gilli.com/ by mistake instead of http://gilli.in/

அதுவும் செம கில்லி பா !!
போக்கிரி = செம கில்லி பா !!



This is my friend's reply upon seeing the above link !!

Hi Prabhu,

I am shocked to see the increase in cost of living back home...uffffffffffffffff!


Am comparing the cost of veggies at Stater Bros and Patel Bros to the link above..Uh !!
Truly அடேங்கப்பா.....!!

January 17, 2007

Huh !!

I seriously don't know why this article should even appear in this week's Kumudam Reporter .

This writeup has few cue words and for those inquisitive readers, a Google search would be of immense help.

But can anyone tell me what's the motive /point behind the publication of this article ? And this hasn't been the first time that Kumudam publishes such crappy articles !

..OVER to Kasamusa for more Kasamusas.....

January 09, 2007

Did they.....??

Last week,Thennavan wrote about the influence of Cinema related to the brutal murder of a 11 year old child at chennai. It was pathetic to learn when those teen aged criminals reasoned their act to a recent movie on covering up a crime scene..

..On a familiar note, i want to talk about the spate of recent movies where the lead male tries to get attention of his lady love through various tactics. It never ceases to amuse me as how the movie director's could even think of unbelievable tactics that would get the lady attracted to her man. And as always, the movie ends with their "successful wedding" !

I wonder what happens next and whether they lived happily forever and ever after ?

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