June 25, 2008


Recently, i had a billing dispute regarding a purchase and i called my credit card service which ,obviously had a call center in our desiland.It was 2200 hrs PST when i placed the call.
The CSR sally aka shanmugasundari was so irritating and kept on reading some printed stuff and never listened to my side of argument.So, i ended up having a heated conversation with the CSR until i contested my claim and made the CSR understand my situation.

After about 30 minutes, as i was about to hang up, i heard this ending salutation from our CSR:

Thank You, have a great day ,bye bye , good night !

So much for BPO work shifts and training !!

June 19, 2008

This is an eMail Fwd : I found this to be too true !

June 01, 2008

Joost !

I have always wanted to watch my favorite episodes shown on National Geographic Channel [NGC] at my leisure. It is not possible for me to watch them during workweek and the weekends too get busy with other chores.

Few months ago,i stumbled upon this article on CNET ,and upon reading that i have opted to watch my favorite shows on my big screen PC for free !!. There are many P2P TV networks ,but i particularly liked JOOST because they carry a variety of full length episodes that were shown on NGC. There are also other channels of interest including few Hindi programs on Joost !.

SO go ahead and download JOOST player , and enjoy watching the TV shows on your PC !