April 15, 2009


Here is something worth reading !!

இதோ உருப்படியா ஒரு பதிவு !!

Have you ever thought about your voice and its significance in daily living ?

How do you rate yourself as a voice user?

The Elite Vocal Performer, Level I, is a person for whom even a slight aberration of voice may have dire consequences. Most singers and actors are in this group; the opera singer is the quintessential level I performer.

The Professional Voice User, Level II, is a person for whom a moderate vocal problem might prevent adequate job performance. This group includes most clergy, teachers, lecturers, receptionists, etc.

The Non-Vocal Professional, Level III, is a person for whom a severe vocal problem would prevent adequate job performance. This group includes lawyers, physicians, businessmen, business women, etc.

The Non-Vocal Non-Professional, Level IV, is a person for whom vocal quality is not a prerequisite for adequate job performance. This group includes clerks, laborers, and so forth. Although persons in this group may suffer very significant social liability from a voice disorder, they are not prevented from doing their work.
(Reference :The Center for Voice Disorders of Wake Forest University, NC )

FYI : April 16th of every year is observed as WORLD VOICE DAY !

Scroll thru' the link : Take care of your VOICE !!

Seriously, our politicans (esp.Mr.Captain) would require voice rest..LOL !

April 11, 2009

Tired of Indian Politics and Politicians ?


"ஓ"போடு / "O" Podu !!

'ஓ' போடு என்றால் ஓட்டு போடு என்று அர்த்தம். ஓட்டு போடுவது மக்களின் உரிமையும் கடமையும் ஆகும்.

மேலும் இங்கே !!

'O PODU’ means “cast the vote”.

Voting is both the right and duty of the people.

More Here !!

//49-O. Elector deciding not to vote.-If an elector, after his
electoral roll number has been duly entered in the register of voters
in Form-17A and has put his signature or thumb impression thereon as
required under sub-rule (1) of rule 49L, decided not to record his
vote, a remark to this effect shall be made against the said entry in
Form 17A by the presiding officer and the signature or thumb
impression of the elector shall be obtained against such remark.//