March 01, 2009


You know this movie has received many awards including Golden Globes and Oscars. The two child actors [Rubina-Azhar]casted in the movie are from the slums of Mumbai.Now,the west has known India better than ever before. As such,many in the west believe that India is a country with mud roads and bullock carts and this movie has done its part to reinforce and renew their beliefs that India is a third/fourth world country with unsuitable living conditions.

Here are my experiences on this movie. Few in my apartment complex has stopped by my house to say a word about this movie as how wonderful and excellent the movie was.I can't comprehend whether there was pity in their tone or an exclamation as how this guy spoke English and came to America ! At my work,i'm the only desi guy. Those colleagues,whom i have never met,stopped by me to say a word about the movie ["I'd never take a flight to Mumbai" ; "Do people really live in those slums there?"].I even had a student ask me about the living conditions in India !

Uh ! How should i react to these people ?. I know there are homeless and tent cities across this country but do i tell them that ? I don't know...Let me know your thoughts !!


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