April 30, 2006

Tamil Radio from China !!

Did you know about the Tamil Radio (Online/ On Air ) being broadcasted from China ?

April 27, 2006


..Got this as an email Fwd:

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April 25, 2006


Lewis the cat !!


And a few days earlier : Meow Meow !!

And a few months earlier: Woof !

UPDATE : Meow Meow Molly RESCUED!!

April 24, 2006

Spring is here ! Beautiful blossoming flowers everywhere !! But i being in an apartment in this city, dont have an option to keep flower pots or back yard to tend plants byself !
Still, i cherish this present from my dear friend !! He got this from AZ !!

Thanks da !

April 21, 2006


Here is the conversation with my FOB room mate :

He : Prabhu, what do we have for dinner ?
I : I'll make some tomato rice..
He : NO ! NO ! Vera ethavathu pannu..
I :Why ?
He :Thakkali inge vikara vilaiyila...Namma oorula takkali-naala aatchi kavuruthu, inge paaru

He is right ! Tomato sells $2.99 /pound ! (ie. 1/2 kg tomato = ? INR )

April 19, 2006

  • Ok ! Here is something worth reading !!

    இதோ உருப்படியா ஒரு பதிவு !!

    Have you ever thought about your voice and its significance in daily living ?

    How do you rate yourself as a voice user?

    The Elite Vocal Performer, Level I, is a person for whom even a slight aberration of voice may have dire consequences. Most singers and actors are in this group; the opera singer is the quintessential level I performer.
    The Professional Voice User, Level II, is a person for whom a moderate vocal problem might prevent adequate job performance. This group includes most clergy, teachers, lecturers, receptionists, etc.
    The Non-Vocal Professional, Level III, is a person for whom a severe vocal problem would prevent adequate job performance. This group includes lawyers, physicians, businessmen, business women, etc.
    The Non-Vocal Non-Professional, Level IV, is a person for whom vocal quality is not a prerequisite for adequate job performance. This group includes clerks, laborers, and so forth. Although persons in this group may suffer very significant social liability from a voice disorder, they are not prevented from doing their work.

    (Reference :* )

    FYI : April 16th of every year is observed as WORLD VOICE DAY !

    Scroll thru' the link : Take care of your VOICE !!

    Seriously, our politicans (esp.Mr.Captain) would require voice rest..LOL !

April 17, 2006

"ஓ"போடு / "O" Podu !!

'ஓ' போடு என்றால் ஓட்டு போடு என்று அர்த்தம். ஓட்டு போடுவது மக்களின் உரிமையும் கடமையும் ஆகும். ஓட்டு போடும்போது 49 ஓ பிரிவின் கீழ் ஓட்டு போட ஒவ்வொரு வாக்காளருக்கும் அரசியல் சட்டப்படி உள்ள உரிமையை தெளிவுபடுத்துவது எமது இயக்கத்தின் இன்னொரு நோக்கம்.

மேலும் இங்கே!!

'O PODU’ means “cast the vote”. Voting is both the right and duty of the people. Another objective of our movement is to make people aware of their constitutional right to cast their vote under section 49 ‘O’.

More Here !!

Dear Bloggers,Please spread around this information in your blogs.Lets do our best to create an awareness among our readers/voters for good !! Thanks !!

April 13, 2006

இனிய தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள் !

April 09, 2006


Be your own carpenter !


Be tired !

April 08, 2006


Remember this post a few days ago ?!

Finally ,I moved to create a

The new place is about 30 miles north of Queens,[ஊருக்குள்ள வாடகை குடுத்து கட்டுபடி ஆகவில்லை :-( ]but sure i would miss my favorite restaurant ,and this view from my window !.

....Will post more later !

April 07, 2006

Found no words to title this post !

Would you want to experience an Insta-feel of being in India ? Just step into any Indian organization here ,especially our State Bank of India, NY !This is no exaggeration,and i wanted to post about it ! Seriously !
As i entered, i saw the daily sheet showing April 4th,when it was actually April 5th. I'd been to the bank for a remittance to India,and it took me about an hour to complete the transaction. As usual, Somebody is coming (Read the 4th para) was told, when finally some one came over. You either got to press a blackbell in the waiting room to notify a person, or call few extn numbers which would invariably reach a voice message system. The Asst Manager told me to hand over the form to the receptionist,and she went away for lunch. When i approached the receptionist, she said she cant take that form and i had to wait. Oh, the form/check i filled got numbers,and those numbers are $$ and a/c numbers . Aint easy joke to hand it over to anyone !
I really got pissed off waiting as time passed by and enquired with the teller. Thanks to her for telling the truth , "You have to wait, they are having party in the kitchen" !
DAMN ! The customers are waiting and the staffs are partying during midweekmidafternoon working hours ? And they are partying when their counterparts are on strike in India !
I really have to think twice about the situation. Already ,I hate visiting any desi restaurants ! I've been flying Air India and banking with SBI, just that they are OURS !.It wouldnot take much for a frustrated desi to change sides and look for better services elsewhere !!

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