December 24, 2006

Airtel Call India !!

Airtel launches call to India service.

Log on to for more exciting offers.

The voice quality is same as Reliance India call ,but the call rates are lower than Reliance.

More info HERE !!


Saravanan said...

Dont use Airtel. Although the call quality is good, overall calling experience is bad. Their website sucks. I registered 2 weeks back, they charged me but didnt send the user id and password, I keeping calling their helpdesk for a week but I was not able to talk to the customer representatives. One time I was put on hold for nearly one hour. Finally last week I spoke to them and they sent me the password. It is difficult to reach Airtel 1800 number during peak calling times. I was pissed of their service. Now reliance has also reduced their fares to match Airtel. I am going to stay with reliance. Competition is good. :)

Sukanya said...

I'm very very happy with Airtel. Great service!

Jeevan said...

Airtel was a best cellular service in India. They only give free SMS service.

Anonymous said...

try 8cents per minite if local access number is used.

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