January 09, 2007

Did they.....??

Last week,Thennavan wrote about the influence of Cinema related to the brutal murder of a 11 year old child at chennai. It was pathetic to learn when those teen aged criminals reasoned their act to a recent movie on covering up a crime scene..

..On a familiar note, i want to talk about the spate of recent movies where the lead male tries to get attention of his lady love through various tactics. It never ceases to amuse me as how the movie director's could even think of unbelievable tactics that would get the lady attracted to her man. And as always, the movie ends with their "successful wedding" !

I wonder what happens next and whether they lived happily forever and ever after ?


thennavan said...

Happy New Yearngo :-)

Jeevan said...

Happy Pongal Prabu.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

I was shocked to read about the Kidnap and Murder of the 11 year old boy.

IMHO - Movies have gone out of control including the TV Serials. And believe me..they make a lot of money by making such movies..and people patronize them !

Happy Pongal ! Happy New year.!

Syam said...

belated pongal wishes... :-)

brain irukaravan cinema edutha kaalam ellam malai yeri pochu :-)

prabukarthik said...

prabhu, naan theriyaama daan kekuren..

ethanai padathile Hero 'neramayaana police apeeser' a varaaru? innaiku varaikum oruthanavadhu
'naan thilla langadi police man a dhaan irunden' aprom thangapadhakkam la sivaji, kadamai kanniyam kattupaadu la satyaraj matrum inna pira padangalil Rajini kamal ivangalai ellam parthutu nermai aana aala thirundhitten nu sollirukaana??

enakku therinju Gandhi oruthar dhaan 'Naan harischandra drama paarthutu, poi solla koodadhunu therinju kinen nu sonaaru'

Cinema is business. So is media. u can expect as much moral science lessons there as u can expect from a prostitute...

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