February 21, 2007


From NewYork's -Craigslist rants & raves section !

Rude, Ignorant, Arrogant Indian B*****s in Supermarket.

Reply to: pers-281525410@craigslist.org
Date: 2007-02-20, 12:47AM EST

I was shopping at the local supermarket today. Purchased about 5 or 6 items and went to the Express Checkout line. 10 Items or less. In front of me were a couple of mid-to-late twenties Indian women. (I use the word women loosely!)
They were each purchasing and paying for their shit separately.
I noticed that the bitch in front of me had much more than 10 items. I took a quick count, she had sixteen items. That's about sixty percent over the number of allowed items! She then had the gall to leave the line while her friend who was in front of her was being rung-up, to leave the line, get another item (making it 17) and getting back in line in front of me!
I had enough at this point, and told the skanky, fat, smelly Indian bitch that she was very rude, and that this was the express line, and that she had almost double the amount of items allowed. I asked her if she could read, and pointed to the clearly marked sign (10 items or less) clearly posted on top of the register!
The bitch went off on me telling me to "shut up" and to "mind my own business".
This only enraged me further, and I had some choice words for her fat ugly ass!
One of the things that came out of my mouth was "low-life". The bitch then went off as to how "I wish I made as much money as her" and "you wish you had as much education as me".
First of all, I don't understand how the cunt can make that determination, but I told the skink that if she was so educated, she should be able to read the fucking sign! Don't you hate it when a-holes who are clearly in the wrong get so indignant and self-righteous?
It's typical of these f**king Indian bastards! They come here, then have the audacity to think they're better than everyone, and think they are above the decent rules of civility! Even the fucking educated Indians are so fucking stupid when it comes to common sense and everyday life. They are always doing something stupid, rude, or disgusting!
F**k you…. you curry smelling, fat, ugly, rude, insecure, Indian C*nt!
Go back to your third-world slums and run amok over there. We know that in India, there are no such things as; rules, civility, hygiene, respect for personal space, and self-respect. If you want to live amongst civilized people, clean up your fucking acts you filthy, low-life animals!

There, I feel much better!!!

If you want to read more of intelligent/ignorant servings on Indian/India bashings -surf NYC rants & rave section !! Have fun !!


Syam said...

dude...I don't know when our people (not everyone) start realizing the law of the country where we live in...until then we can't complaint of these type of writings....

Adaengappa !! said...

Civility : The need of the hour for us desis !!
..Agree with you ,Syam !

lumbergh-in-training said...

it could've been anyone!! there r stories abound in the net abt
"white trash" (in america) and "loud obnoxious americans" (outside usa). still, this idiot had to pick on her "race".

Adaengappa !! said...

Manoj : But i guess you got the crux of that rant .Didn't you ?

Chakra Sampath said...

His point is very valid, but his language masks the point.

summa solla koodadhu... pulamaya kaati irukaan.. :))

Poornima said...

Dude, you have a valid point. But you've vent your pent up disgust with such strong force that your language overpowers your point buddy. :)

Adaengappa !! said...

@Chakra : Avanukku kadupu...but still antha desi ponnu panninathu thappu thaane...

Adaengappa !! said...

@Poornima...That was not written by me. I just cut/paste a rant from a website site.

prabukarthik said...

naan onnum sollalai

naan andha ponnai support pannina, PK thappai nyayapadutharaanu varum

andha ponnai thittina, ahaa PK NRI a thittaraan nu varum

so naan onnum sollalai

Adaengappa !! said...

@PK : Being neutral ?!

Still, antha ponnu paninathu thappu thaane !

Syam said...


ROTFL....epdi ipdi ellam.... :-)

Sundar Narayanan said...

We see this all the time in the bay area here..

by "this", I mean

the type of stuff that the lady did

and the way people drag race into it and dilute the message!

usually when we fly back from US to India, everyone will stay in their seat from SFO to hongkong, hongkong to singapore till the flight attendent says "okay to exit".. somehow when the plane lands in Bombay/Chennai there will be a melee for the door when the landing gear makes contact. (happened even on our last trip 2 years ago!). This time, a chinese family made a run for the door when we landed in singapore ! (no one else moved!) and I overheard the desi mami behind me say "these chinese fellows have no decency"!

The times they are a changing..

On another thought, I think I should call PK and talk to him. I am proofreading every damn thing I write now in my blog and I absolutely hate it! I see his point of view now!

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