March 01, 2008

I found this MSN blogpost to be very interesting !

//I’m curious: Will anyone else out there cop to picking up change when you see it on the street, in a hallway, or wherever? If so, do you have a standard for this, e.g. you’ll pick up a quarter but not a penny, or you’ll only pick up that quarter if no one can see you doing it?
I’m actually superannuated enough to remember penny candy. It was cause for celebration to find a coin, because we could go to the store and get Smarties, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Pixy Stix or a host of other treats.
These days, I save the coins I find in a vase my daughter gave me when she was 8 or 9 years old. (She got the vase from the “free” box at a yard sale.) Each year at Christmastime I donate my finds to a charity.
I’ve found anywhere from about $9 to more than $16 per year. Maybe that will make some of the rest of you take notice...? Or would picking up pennies be totally embarrassing to you?
Hint: A good place to look for change is in the Coinstar machine. Sometimes the machine spits a coin out because it’s foreign, or damaged; sometimes it’s simply overwhelmed and lets some perfectly good specie fall through.
And FYI: so far this year I’ve found $5.24.
Come on, who else is brave enough to admit doing this???//

Upon reading such a post, even am too curious to hear from fellow (desi) bloggers on their " paisa picking " experiences ! Do share them in my comments section !! Thanks !!


Keerthi said...

I picked Rs. 20 in my office corridor by the beginning of this year. Thats a good start, eh ?

Usually on Saturdays when I go to temples, i find a lot of coins while parking. They all go to the beggars outside, who wouldnt even care to move their body looking out for coins. All they need is coins dropped into their vases.

Besides, this is the only form or generosity i have :)

Sundar Narayanan said...

adengappa... emailed you my experience.. didnt know it was supposed to go in the comment box.

have not been very lucky lately.. max I ever got was a quarter or two..

usually goes in the temple undial!