June 25, 2008


Recently, i had a billing dispute regarding a purchase and i called my credit card service which ,obviously had a call center in our desiland.It was 2200 hrs PST when i placed the call.
The CSR sally aka shanmugasundari was so irritating and kept on reading some printed stuff and never listened to my side of argument.So, i ended up having a heated conversation with the CSR until i contested my claim and made the CSR understand my situation.

After about 30 minutes, as i was about to hang up, i heard this ending salutation from our CSR:

Thank You, have a great day ,bye bye , good night !

So much for BPO work shifts and training !!


Sundar Narayanan said...

sometimes you are fortunate to talk to a human being..

my health insurance company gives me a voice that gives me menu choices that wont let me talk to a person.. if i abuse the voice on the phone in rickshawkaran tamizh, it says "sorry, I did not get that, can you please repeat that?" and I gladly do before hanging up!


Adaengappa !! said...

Sundar,You are right! had same experience too...If i respond with "thick accent",my voice is not recognized and need to repeat again & again...LOL

அவனும் அவளும் said...

I do not even understand the menu at times but when i have to pronounce a word, it is crazy because i need to speak in a language which i do not know.