April 25, 2010

Indians want their Taco Bell-Fast food chain storms vegetarian nation

This makes me wonder whatever has happened to good ol' Chappati /Roti and Beans Potato Kurma ?

And does Taco Bell serve anything Mexican  ?
I thought this is yet another processed junk grab n go type food spot !

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Sundar Narayanan said...

when we are on the road.. and we run out of packed food we hit a taco bell because

a. you get tortillas/ siesta potato which is the same as chappati/ aaloo curry

b. you get quesadillas (which are two roti's with cheese in between

c. you get nice salads

d. you get mexican fried rice (which is identical to the thakkali saadam which my periamma makes)

e. you get beans (a slight variation from the Rajma our Maharaj used to dish out on days he wasnt happy)

and combinations of these stuffed inside rotis of different hardness/ fried-ness?

and most of it is veggie or has a veggie option.

the belief within the family is that this is a lot more healthier than mcdonalds or burger king and we skip the fries.

at least we dont think it is as junky as the other grab n go.

maybe we should just start an authentic Indian take out chain called "kayendhi" which just simply serves roti/kurma, chai-samosas, thayir saadam packets, puliyogare, idli-vadai etc. etc.

we could always put the chutney in little sachet packs like the tomato ketchup so people still keep their grab n go familiarity?