May 02, 2005

Away from the waves....

I read this news item with deep anguish about the decision of an upcoming swimmer



Narayanan Venkitu said...

I feel sad to read this.
My advice to Kutraleeswaran.

You are great. Don't worry...You are now in the US. Try it here. !! You'll be taken care of.!

Cricket ..Cricket..its only cricket..!! People have to change their mindset.!!

Indha nilai maarumah? Kadavule.?

saranyan said...

I have shouted a lot about this. namma makkala thirthave mudiyaadhu.

Kaps said...

The recent trend in "non-cricket" sports is encouraging. I was playing Table Tennis at TN State level and got an opportunity to track the careers of other fellow TT players. Most of them went to pursue careers in Central Government (ONGC, Railways, Indian Airlines, RBI etc). I would go one step further in saying that some of these people entered the sporting arena only to land a secured job.

Adaengappa !! said...

Venkitu Sir/Saranyan...Thanks for your comments..

Kaps..GLad to know that you played for TN team.Well I accept that the players get employed in Govt organizations..Yet,they have to settle with what they got.
Now that Kutraleeswaran is in US,doing his MS..he is sure to have a secured future .

Recently i read kutra's interview in Vikatan(Am unable to find the link)...He was saddened by the attitute of the sponsors and TN govt is still to settle 5 laks debt which JJ promised during her previous regime...

Whatever...Sports is given last priority in India..

Now Sanya Mirza..God bless her!!

thennavan said...

We should let a blimp fly all over India with this message from George Bernard Shaw:

"Cricket is a game where 11 fools play and 11,000 fools watch. Are you one of the 11,000?" :-)

Let me make a confession here - until a few years back, I was also one of them (the 11,000 I mean :-))

Kika Gops said...

Is there a site on net where we can contribute moniterily for sports sponsership in india?? I think we should do something in action.

Lumbergh-in-training said...

Fact: Hockey is the national sport of India
(do I hear gasps in the audience?)