May 08, 2005

Evergreen Serials !!

Taking a cue from the blogs of TWIN GEMINI and FERRARI on Old yet fabulos Indian Jingles of yesteryears , I decided to post about the Evergreen Soaps/Serials that dominated the Indian Televisions in late 1980's and Early 1990's.

DoorDarshan had real good serials before the cable TV era.

Few of them :

1. தொலைந்து போனவர்கள் .. (Rajesh & Friends)
2. ஒரு வீணையின் கதை..
3. K.Balachandar's ரயில் சிநேகம்..
4. Hindi- Tamil serials like JUNOON (பிடிவாதம்),AJNABI(அந்நியன்),SHANTHI..
5. S V Sekars வண்ண கோலங்கள்..

Weren't those serials way better than the present day serials ??
I guess they carried a strong social message too !!

(Can anyone let me know where can i get video/DVD of these Soaps??)


Due credits to Dan Brown Fan


Kaps said...

Why is everyone on a flashback mode? My favourites - Indha veenaikku theriyadha song from Rayil Sneham and Manager Cheena in Vanna Kolangal.

Kay said...

tholaindhu ponaravgal best'u enaku rombo rombo rombo pidicha serial athuthaaaan. thanks neenga nebakam padithinathukku nanri

Anonymous said...

I guess Im hearing the MILE SUR song after about 5-6 years..Still evergreen in my mind !!

thennavan said...

I have a copy of Vannak Kolangal both in audio tape and VHS formats. Also other S.V.Sekar stuff like Thevai Oru Maappillai, Kaadule Poo, Kaattula Mazhai, Aayiram Udhai Vaangiya Aboorva Sigamani etc. Too much fun :-)

Twin-Gemini said...

1. Tholaindhu Ponavargal, was a very touching serial. I still remember the scene where they get to meet after they are old. An amazing serial.

2. Dont remember this one.

3. The song was the ultimate. The ending was class.

"Mile sur" is a superb song with a good blend of the complete array of music available in India.

Chakra Sampath said...

Thanks for that Mile Sur... hearing after ages.. feels good.

IBH said...

I used to love this serial called " Dekh Bhai dekh..."
it used to be fun watching that!and then there is this "Nila Mala" ...where I tihnk thaliavasal Vijay became famous...appuram Sobha De's Swabhiman.....I think that is the original for 'Desperate housewives' :)))

Munimma said...

yep, brings back good memories. rayil sneham, penn (Suhasini's), SVShekhar's - like most of his stuff, Crazy Mohan, Mouli - these are the people who made DD bearable those days.

I bought some from
Mouli's flight one being a recent addition.

tt_giant said...

I liked tholaindhu ponavargal and rayl snegam...
actually dont care much about dubbed serials. apart from those 2-3 dubbed, rest were not the 'so-called' mega serial genre, which is why people like it and still remember it.

Adaengappa !! said...

Thanks all...

My favorite serial till date is Tholainthu ponavargal..

Belive me..I have 6 close friends.We took a group photo just after our HSC, then 4 years later again after our am meeting them at chennai..Hope to take group photo again..One guy is flying to chennai from aussie, one from Canada, Im from USA, one from Mumbai,2 from chennai..

Lets see where life takes us in the future!!

virumandi said...

thulaindhu ponavargal..en naenchin yaarkkum theriyadha idathil irrupavargal!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


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