November 27, 2005

BF sales !!

A loooong weekend comes to a close !!

-On the day of Thanks giving, we had a gathering at home with friends and friendies..Great cook out !!Great food !!
-Started for "BF round up" (adhaanga..BlackFriday !!)by about 11 pm on Thursday.Drove straight to CompUSA but the crowd was very very long. So, dropped this place and went to Queens mall-Best Buy .Already some 100 people were ahead of us by 12 am .Waited in the line at freezing -8C temps . A sales person announced that the shop will be opened at 4am , an hour ahead of the scheduled time.At 4 am, the crowd went frenzy, many people cut line to enter in between, and hence a unruly scene at that point.A stampede kinda event happened.We just came out of the line (like losers!!) but saved some dignity !! Its Ok to spend few extra bucks to get the stuffs than to risk health and life at freezing temps..A different experience though !! No sleep over night !!

-Next day ,been to circuit city and got my car stereo fixed !!
-Few of my friends picked a 200gb hard drive for $29.99 at Staples , a webcam for $4.99,DVD+RW/+R for $19.99 and many many other things..A cool deal for $$$ !!

-Saturday, Caughtup some sleep and in the evening,met fellow blogger Mr.Senthil & Co and I spam U fame Mr.Satya at Manhattan .

-Sunday..Getting ready for the week ahead !!

Currently listening to this NON STOP radio !!



Sundar Narayanan said...

been blogging for 10 straight days.. it is going to suck going back to the old routine where you have to scrimp a few minutes here and there in the night to go read other peoples blogs and post comments..

time to join blogaholics anonymous..

Jeevan said...

u had a nice bloger meet i think, First time hear about BLack Friday. it is a big celebration in NY?

Got a new Sterio, see it carefully.

Ganesh said...

Adengappa, look like shopping mania bug bit you !!

Anand Prabhu said...

Neengalum poneengala.. I have heard from lot of people about this midnight madness.. paavam..

Any atleast you and your friends got some good hot deals..:) thats good news

Raju said...

mm.. anti-climatic BF shopping.. :-( Bad luck, Prabhu..

Naanum oru post ezhudhinenn ennoda BF shopping pathi..

Kay said...

Me had a nice sleep on friday did not care much about deals

Video @ ROTFL

visithra said...

looks like everyone has a thanksgiving shopping experience humm never heard about it before ;)

:: The Protector :: said...

seems u had gr8 brk! btw thanks for dropping by... keep visitn


Ram.C said...

"SJSuryah" adaimozhiyai (BF) vida matengringalae.....!!!

IBH said...

I missed out on the staples webcam offer..wanted to buy some...
ana thungitten :( ...