February 21, 2006


A cartoon again ?!

Pic : Daryl cagle !!


Lumbergh-in-training said...

dude, we all know this cagle is a anti-human rights, ultra right wing dude. is it any surprise he would side with the terrorists and torturers?
c'est la vie!

revatechnic said...

Prabhu.. irukkura cartoon pracchanai patthalaiya?? Soodu aaruradhukulleh idhu veraiyaa???

Jeevan said...

vidunga pa, onu aduthu onu arambichuketa irukathingga.

Vikram H said...

i'm gonna shoot u in the head! :P...I dont care about these protests...sometimes people fail to see the humour in things.

sophie said...


Prabu Karthik said...

u have no right to feel hurt abt this cartoon. adhellam religious minority ku daan.

we r all indians and india is a secular country.

ipdi ellam pesininganna u will be labelled as right wing, like me:D

sangeetha said...

I don't find anything wrong in this..
consider vinayaka is fighting against the bad forces..
take an optimistic look..:-)

Ganesh said...

amen to sangeetha :)
"its okay for others to make fun of us" ;)

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