February 26, 2006

Another Huh!!

I totally agree with ME !!

This happened few days back ::After roaming the city the whole day with my friends,we decided to stop at an Indian Restaurant for dinner located b/w 6/7 Avenues in NYC. We looked very tired. Just as we entered, we overheard the manager say "aadmilog dekhke patha chalega woh kya khayega"..Totally unwarranted comment..Did he estimate that Madarasis doesnt know Hindi ? Just walked out after a duel with him..When will people learn to respect fellow country men ?

More here from my archives !!

PS: I haven't stepped into any Desi restaurant since past 6 months. American/Oriental foods tastes better than our people's attitude !!


Anand said...

What you have said is very much true. We 2 has a similar experience with one of the local restuarants in our area when the veggie appetizer ended up having a piece of meat. On complaining to the manager, he hides himself into the kitchen till we left the restaurant. Initially being a country man I felt to downplay the incident but his attitude p***ed me off. Ended up having a huge argument with a the next-incharge. Havent stepped into that restuarant for almost an year now and never plan 2.

Deepa said...

That really sucks. They reserve their good manners for non-Indians. beats me why! But next time you are in NYC, check out Saravanas or Vatan or Baluchi's. The services are good.

revatechnic said...

wow.. ok.. restaurant hiccups are really something new for me to hear. I mean.. its probably because I don't really visit restaurants that much here.

Anyway, my colleage had an interesting work experience sometime back when he went to this certain place to get Appam.
Told the waiter that he wanted to take away some coconut milk, and when he went back home, he found a packet of Appam mixture..
What was he supposed to do with it?? Make his own Appams?

Some restaurants are pretty weird. They should understand that their primary orientation is service.

Lumbergh-in-training said...

What are you talking about stupid madrasi? Indians can never be racist. Saala, go back to watching Rajnikanth movies, with veerappan and prabhakaran!

Adaengappa !! said...

@AA : We should try to put an end to this attitute..Am looking for any complaints bureau to file my grievances against them..

Adaengappa !! said...

@Deepa :
am in NYC ,and been to all these places: Aint their prices ridiculous? We are paying a part of the rent included in the price !Its Manhattan !!

Adaengappa !! said...

@reva: I dunno about the situation in singapore,but here it really sucks! we aint beggars or want free food from them..all we need is respect:-)

Adaengappa !! said...

@Manoj: Seems like Hindians are same e'where:-)

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