April 21, 2006


Here is the conversation with my FOB room mate :

He : Prabhu, what do we have for dinner ?
I : I'll make some tomato rice..
He : NO ! NO ! Vera ethavathu pannu..
I :Why ?
He :Thakkali inge vikara vilaiyila...Namma oorula takkali-naala aatchi kavuruthu, inge paaru

He is right ! Tomato sells $2.99 /pound ! (ie. 1/2 kg tomato = ? INR )


Jeevan said...

namba orela Tomato illama oru kulambum vaika mudiyathu. ana anga:(

யாத்திரீகன் said...

:-))) nsoy !!

aruna said...

velai ellam paathuthaan samaikareengala? Great ! For me, if you are not lazy enuf to go to the store to pick that tomato, & cook them before they gets spoiled: Thats a success. Really, the numbers play the game. The difference between 30 & 40 seems to be larger than the difference between 1.19 & 1.99, that I miss them most of the times.

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