June 06, 2006

Quiz !

Yes..Am proud to be a CHENNAI-VASI !!.

Here is a quiz ! If you are from zip 600 005; Chennai ;India , You definitely would know these places or atleast familiar with these colloquial terms ! Guess them !

1. தில்லிகேணி
2. கலாட்டா ஸ்கூல்
3. ககனா மண்டபம்
4. பாச்சா கோவில்
5. கோஸாஸ்பத்ரி

Note to winners : Treat yourselves to this peppy number !!

Thanks GILLI !!(via )


keerthi said...

Chepaukkil Ippadippatta idangala ?

Kaps said...

the tamil pronounciation sucks.

Anonymous said...

Kellet high School
Kangana mandapam market
partha sarathy Koil
Kasturibhai hospital

Narayanan Venkitu said...

I liked the peppy number ( though I didn't win anything). I got so impressed that I listened/watched a few videos in Your tube. Very impressive indeed.

Wow.. the tamil names are awesome.
never imagined 'Kosha Hospital' and 'Kellet High school'!! Funny :)

Adaengappa !! said...


These beautiful Tamizh names are being called thus:
1.Thiru valli keni
2.kellet high school
3.Gangai kondaan Mandapam
4.Parthasarathy kovil
5.Govt kasturba Gandhi hospital

Venky Krishnamoorthy said...