March 10, 2007



    To Realise “Anti Corruption Objective”

    To get remedy for citizens particularly the common man by use of the Right to Information Act

    Curb Corruption in Government and Public Sector, both of elected representatives and officials

    Prevent Corruption in Private Sector

    Get support from other Pillars and extend support to other Pillars in fighting corruption

    Organising the “bribe-givers” against bribe

    “No bribe-Red badges” to be given to honest officials and workers

    Fight similar evils.

    To work for Stricter laws to curb corruption

    To ensure stronger action

    Make propaganda against corruption and create awareness

    Evils of Corruption – Get it included in the educational Curriculum.

    Information sharing and dissemination

    Recognition of Honest Men

    Giving HONESTY Award to Offices where every one is non-corrupt

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