March 17, 2007

Hello ICT !

Dear Indian Cricket team,

I hope you are all enjoying a fabulous vacation with your family in the beautiful carribean islands. Please don't care about the game or the country, just focus on scheduling trips to all the islands before returning home.After all , you icons have gotten a free trip there.

And yeah ,please be prepared for a grand entry to hall of shame when you land at Mumbai airport. I hope you would not take any back door exits out of the airport . You will be welcomed in true Indian style with chappals and brooms.

Again,don't come up with theories for your failure like the ball is round and the pitch is flat.

Rest assured,


PS : Should the team win the WC2007 ,I will delete this blog !!


expertdabbler said...

Well said!
angai nadaka pora ads shooting pathi sollave illaye?

blog close panra idea illai nu direct a ve sollalaam la? edhuku suthi valaikanum?

Sundar Narayanan said...

prabhu, I hope you meant "delete this post!!" and not "delete this blog!!".. indha pasangalukkaga oru nalla blog bali aaganumaa ?


Jeevan said...

I hope they will do good in next match.

Syam said...

andha match paarthu shame shame puppy shame ah pochu :-)

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Hahahaa....India thothuchunaley enaku oru thani Gushi than! :D Sorry cricket rasigargaley... I got so damn pissed off by seeing the craze my loved ones have on this game!

Bermuda paavam bali ayduchu! :))

Chakra said...

this blog or this post?


tt_giant said...


Balaji S Rajan said...

We will be knowing the fate tonight after the match with Sri lanka. Will the result make us Siri India. Let us wait and see.

சந்தோஷ் aka Santhosh said...

PS : Should the team win the WC2007 ,I will delete this blog !!//
no need prabu. you are right :)

நாகை சிவா said...


இராம் said...


I don't have any words to say.... coz i am so happy :)))))

Anonymous said...

magane, neenga ezhudhara softwre-la rendu reject vandha ungalai comapnykulla varache seruppu maalai pottu varaverkara maadhiri irundha neenga pesa mattenga.
Cricket is just a game. Sometimes you win sometimes you lose unless you are Australia ro Scotland in Cricket in which you mostly win or mostly lose respectively.
Thalai-la vechukittu aadittu, neenngale keezha thookki pottu midhicha unga thappu.
Pongada, velaiya paarunga, pullaingala padikka veiyunga , adhai vittuttu, cricketla jeyicha dhaan india maanathoda irukka mduiyumnu pethikittu thiryadeheenga

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