January 23, 2010

Song of the year 2010 !!

Can anyone tell me know what these jargons are supposed to be ?

I wondered what these words were way back in 2006 .

Omahaa mia @#$T%^
Initial wordings @Pudichurukku (Samy)
Mohalai Mohalai ..(Arasaktchi)
Saiyo Saiyo..
Rangola hola hola..
X-Machi..Y Machi FM Mirchi....
Randakka Randakka..yelaa yelaa/olaa olaa..
Initial wordings @..Oh Sukumaari..
Ole Ole Ole @ Kaadhal Yaanai...
And much more...

Yes !!! They do have a meaning !! They have been put into real use in a "tamizh padam" !

Listen to this song :

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Anonymous said...

Room pottu yosi paaanugala....Pure genius:-)