January 08, 2006

!@#$%^^%#$#@@#$ !!

Omahaa mia @#$T%^
Initial wordings @Pudichurukku (Samy)
Mohalai Mohalai ..(Arasaktchi)
Saiyo Saiyo..
Rangola hola hola..

X-Machi..Y Machi FM Mirchi....
Randakka Randakka..yelaa yelaa/olaa olaa..
Initial wordings @..Oh Sukumaari..
Ole Ole Ole @ Kaadhal Yaanai...
And much more...

Can anyone tell me know what these jargons are supposed to be ?
Invariably almost all scores by HJ has these claptrap vocabulary ! Whom should i hate ?? HJ or the lyric writer ?

A Telugu friend of mine asked the meaning for Randaka,Hola,Bola..etc , for he assumed them to be Tamil words probably 'coz most of the Tamil movies gets dubbed in Telugu.
What would i say ??

அர்தத்த விட்டுப்புட்டா அதுக்கொரு -பாவமில்ல
பழகின பாஷயில படிப்பது பாவமில்ல
என்னமோ ராகம் என்னன்னமோ தாளம்
தலைய ஆட்டும் புரியாத கூட்டம்
எல்லாமே சங்கீதம் தான்.. எல்லாமே சங்கீதம் தான்
சத்தத்தில் பிறந்த சங்கதிதான்
சட்ஜமமென்பதும் தைவதமென்பதும் பஞ்ச பரம்பரைக்கு அப்புறம் தான்


Zeppelin said...

awesome post man.. wonderfully said... i have always wondered how it is that music directors and lyricists get away with such crap... not only HJ, i think IR, MSV, ARR also do it sometimes... but it is more HJ's "niche", i would say... innit ? :)

of course vivek ridicules them in some movies... but thats about it... right ? more like who cares.. huh !

Jeevan said...

after A.R.Rahuman, Harish Jayaraj music is good, and his tunes are new.

Vikram H said...

LOL...sometimes people would go to any extent to produce sounds that run in their head!!..These arguments about crap words being introduced in songs have been going on for a long time, and the music directors have accepted that it is only for fun!

visithra said...

hehehe but some of the words do have meaning in different language just we dont know ;)

sophie said...

our younsters like stuff like this
blame whoom???

some time music is so loud that words have to be digged out
wat to do

aruna said...

good post...I have the same opinion abt these..btw, Isnt the 'la' in thaalam wrongly written ?

Saravana Kumar said...

Adengappa idhukkullaam tension aana eppudi ... Lyric Writerkkum brain work pannanumla

Shiv Shankar said...

juss love the music ..hate no one

WA said...


neighbour said...

இப்போவெல்லாம் அர்த்தமுல்ல பாட்ல்கலை யாரு கேட்குரா,

Narayanan Venkitu said...

chukku, salala..jikku..palala.!!!

ippidi dhaan irukku pattu..!! actually indha trendai start panninadhu...( Puriyadha language la words ) ARRnnu Ninakkiren.!!

Einsteinophile said...

As long as it is a hit, they don care.
Nuthin can beat the oldies!!

arunchakkravarthy said...

அட என்னாத்தா சொல்வேனுங்கோ !!

Brett said...

Music is not necessarily confined by the boundaries of a language. People should start treating the music as a what is it delivered, dont try dissecting it. Doesnt make sense. Paatu pidichaa kelunga ellana fast forward pannunga.
They are not giving you poetry for lyrics competition remember.

:)) Ithukellam hate pana arambichaa avalothaan :))

praveen said...

yeah finally someone brought this up..i remember this issue being brought up in one of the leoni's shows...yeah...like wat does mukala have to mean..and all the other stuff..wonder where they got the ideas from???

raj said...

Praveen( I think the same guy as above) said it best:
A call to a customer care centre:
If you want ENglish, press 1
If you want Tamil, press 2
If you want Hindi, press 3
If you are Harris Jayaraj, press 4


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