June 17, 2005

Trip -Part I

Hello Again,
Now..This much expected friday evening is here and i got time to share with y'all my Experiences at chennai..Here i go...(ore kushi ippo so...no grammar,no english ,no tamil..Tanglish..okya..)

I took Kuwait airways to chennai (JFK-KUWAIT-CHENNAI) and the flight was comfortable..NY-Kuwait flight was good .Seemed like the elite and well mannered (social gestures ) people travelling in the flight.As i landed in Kuwait airport, i got a feeling that am at chennai..Inge namma makkal flight kaaga( Read BUS)kaathu irukaanga..As i got on the next connecting flight, i felt i was travelling in an omni bus..ore sala sala satham..en seat pinnadi 10-12 WIS-MAD grad pasanga on vacation to India, paatu, koothu..kalakkal..Airhostess had hard time controlling the crowd. Naan Aisle seatla sitting and En pakkathu window seat kaarar..made a leap long jump, climbing on the seat to get across me..and he never wanted to wear the seat belt.....I reached chennai finally ..5.00AM and 29 deg cel..Was much happy to see my parents and brother and moved on to collect my baggage...

A SHOCK AWAITED ME :...En petti UDAIKAPPATTATHU...Inge JFK la inspected seal pottu vanduchu..and some stuffs worth 600 $ Missing..ellam naan kondu ponathu surgical equipments for my thambi...Adhu oru periya kathai..

Next..in PART II

Appadiye en kasamusa vaiyum paarunga ..Thanks !!

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thennavan said...

Prabhu, sorry to know about your loss of stuff in the baggage. As I have blogged about this before, I lost an entire box on my first arrival to the US and the box was never found. Had to fight with BA to get due compensation. Such is the plight of passengers these days.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Sorry to hear about the luggage incident. Do you know where it happened.? Did you complain to the Airlines? I think you can claim damages.? Check it out.

Kuwait Airways.! Not sure If I will take it.! But...if it was easy on your Pocket why not. How was the service ( food?).

I am anxious to read the next part. Photos are nice. Where did you take them. Is it around the airport.?

Adaengappa !! said...

Thennavan..good to hear that u got compensation..Thanks for dropping by !!

Adaengappa !! said...

Narayan sir,I took kuwait coz,its nonstop jfk-kwi-chennai with transit time of 1 hr.Flight,food,service,inflight entertainment was good and i wud aswell prefer again !!Thanks..

Chez said...

Feel very sorry abt that.. Do they rally have the right to break open and take things like that??

Isnt the rules only that we shouldnt take anything like that in Hand baggage??

as my roommate says always.. "****all place da this is!!"

ioiio said...

Prabhu.. Konjam Thattai..seedai yellaaam baaki veyinga.. naan dho inga koopidara dhoorathula irukken..

Btw.. Naanum KUWAIT Airlines dhaan use pannen.. Btw as per new rules ppl r not allowed to lock their baggage.. May be thats y they broke open ur suitcase

monu said...

sorry about your luggage loss!!!

capriciously_me said...

adengappa, it is really sad to know that u lost stuff...but rules are that u r not supposed to lock ur bags when u give it in for security check & am not sure wht kind of equipment u took but as far as i know, u r not supposed to take surgical equipment in ur baggage...not even a needle!!

Adaengappa !! said...

Hello All,
Thanks for dropping by !!..Am trying to locate my stuffs here...Not leaving any stones unturned !!

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