June 18, 2005

Thanks Bloggers..

At chennai, i spoke with Praveen , Harish ,and Dr.Sophia regarding a mini bloggers meet.But,due to time constraints and vacation plans of Praveen,Harish we were unable to meet.
With his usual wit,Harish replied to me in one of his emails:

"AND i got ferrero rocher for ya folks.."

idha firstae solla koodadha? :D jus kiddin :)

It was great to be in his SMS club !! SMS unlimited !!

Thanks folks..Keep in touch.

Oru SMS joke :
An Indo-Japanese joint venture planned to build a tall tower .They decided to name the project and finally arrived at this name "NIKUMO NIKATHO"


Narayanan Venkitu said...

Would have been fun had you met with them !

Nikumo Nikatho - Heard this before.! But I was told that it is the Japanese for THE LEANING TOWER OF PISA.!

ioiio said...

ROTFL.. yeah..It suits PISA tower much better

Kaps said...

I hv also heard of the Nikumo Nikatho...maybe they used it in some movie. good one anyways.

WA said...

Nikumo Nikatho...hilarious!

sophie said...

lol...ive heard this nikumo nikatho

Chez said...

LOL... hv heard this b4.. :-)

Praveen said...

Hey!! :)

Tried calling u even on the day of the meet...I was asked to call ur landline number...anga call panna u go out tell :(

Adaengappa !! said...

Thanks folks..Better luck next time .

But who knows..u guys might be here for MS..

God Bless !!

Somu said...

Chinese call the Leaning tower of Pisa "Saanjikichu"

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