July 30, 2005

அல்லொ ..இத படிங்க மொதல்ல.......

Apropos to recent posts here and here on MADRAS BAASHAI ,
Here are my add on's :
Thanks to the guy that took time to construct this exclusive list !!
(This is an email forward!!)


1) What do you do with a Gujili?
a) Gujaals
b) Gilma
c) Gilpans
d) Galij

2) What is a Jujubi ?
a) Something sweet
b) An easy one
c) A tough one
d) An Alwaa

3) What is Alwaa?
a) Something you find in Tirunelveli
b) What a girlfriend gives when she marries someone else
c) A laddu
d) Jujubi

4) What is the respectful way to address a friend?
a) Machi
b) Sir
c) By name
d) Aiya

5) Who is a 'Frooti' ?
a) A studious person
b) A sportsman
c) The professor
d) A soft drink

6) When someone says 'nambitten', what do they mean?
a) I don't believe you!
b) Sure, I believe you
c) Are you nuts??
d) I have to catch a bus

7) Who or what is Peter?
a) A tourist
b) Someone who talks only in English
c) Peter Jones
d) Your teacher

8) For which of the following events will you say'Gumbaloda Govinda'?
a) When you go to Tirupati as a group
b) When the entire gang has been caught watching'matter'-padam
c) When you do group studies
d) Meeting a Hindi actor

9) What is a 'rupture'?
a) Kadi
b) Draabai
c) Trouble
d) Danger

10) When Someone refering to a woman as 'SeriyanaKattai' ?
a) she is genius
b) she is lean
c) she had looted all guys eyes...
d) she wears wooden chappals.

Check out the answers ...
Correct Answers:1 - a, 2 - b ,3 - b, 4 - a, 5 - a, 6 - a, 7 - b, 8 - b, 9 - c, 10 - c .
If you have scored more than 7 marks , Kalakittamaams...


Lumbergh-in-training said...

Anbare, ithu entha naatu mozhi? Intha mozhi engu katrutharap padukirathu? Ithai therinthukolvathaal enakku BPO velai kidaikkuma? :p

Venky Krishnamoorthy said...

Prabhu, Seems like you have put in lots of efforts into this :) lol.
Send it to Chandroo (selective amnesia). His last few postings have been about chennai.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

ada inna ppa idhu bada bejarakkedha.!

Namma oor bashaikku quizah.! Dhool maachi.!!

Just kidding.!

All Kalakalls...I didn't know Frooti,

.:: Rosh ::. said...

wow...that was 'some' education!!

WA said...

Rombha educationalaana post!

visithra said...

Hehehe I scored 10 ;p

IBH said...

:)ahahah enjoyed it thoroughly!

tt_giant said...

10/10 maame.. yaaru kitta modhikinna..


Jeevan said...

I think u r home is in kupam, your quiz will be useful to people who r u new to chennai.

Aatma said...

8/10 maame, did not know rupture and frooti.

keep the good working coming

Karthik said...

cool! i scored 10 ;)

ps: ethavathu pattam kudupeengala 10 vanginaaka? :D


monu said...

heheh funny!
naanum intha forward paathirukken..the options rock

Prabu Karthik said...

naasam panntinga prabhu
(idhu kooa madras bashai dhaan ippo. Naasam na super nu artham. kadavule)

viji said...

idhaan TOTFL/...
Test Of Tamil as Foreign Language

Praveen said...

Ingayum multiple choice-a??? Nahi!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sriks said...

good one :)

kaleidoscope said...

LOL, dint know 'rupture'.

Ganesh said...

kalacheetappa nee, a aang!!

Shiva said...

U shd contribute to Wikipedia's Madras Bashai.. or have you already ?;)

ioiio said...


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