March 29, 2006


Its been long long time since i visited this restaurant famed for its Idly's and sambhar.
And now that they have opened a branch at Velachery,I hope PK would treat me there when i visit him this summer !
:-( Why am i talking about food all the time ?! :-(
Burger bread saaptu ........ Kaanju pochu da !


Jeevan said...

i have also eat Bonda in this Rathna Cafe.

aruna said...

oh boy! The picture is so tempting. I should make sambar vada soon!!

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Hmm..lucky you.!! I wish I could go home in Summer.!! That picture is too too ....too.tempting..vayula thaNNI.!!

Prabu Karthik said...


sophie said...

hey DV dream vendors @ home also at velacheri

susubala said...

Nice to know abt atna Cafe coming up 4thly at Tambaram, Chennai...that too...opposite to MCC !

WOW....i would visit them often !

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