March 30, 2006

Medical blues !!

1.This morning i received a phone call from a doctor's office reminding me of an appointment.
I totally forgot about this,because i called them up about 3 months ago but got the appointment dates now.They called me to ask if i still would want to dropby to see the doc ! I told them i got "cured " of that condition !!

2.Been to dentist's office for regular dental cleaning . The dentist completed this work in about 10 minutes time. This cleaning usually takes about 2 sittings in India. Sensing that am not satisfied, the dentist quipped..What else can you expect for $10 copay ?..

What should i do ? Call my insurance company and change the Doctor !!YET AGAIN !


Narayanan Venkitu said...

10 Minutes cleanup?? Tells me you brush your teeth 3 times daily and floss :)...LOL :) Just kidding...!

Indha oorla dentists bayangara Fraud IMHO..!!

Sundar Narayanan said...

i thought plauge was a deadly disease that wiped out one third of europe..

plaque ??


i agree with narayanan sir.. dentists are not okay in the US..

Jeevan said...

got appointment after 3 months! doctors are very slow.

Kay said...

Even if it very serious medical condition (not emergencies) in that case too they go only by this appointment system, that sucks.

Venky Krishnamoorthy said...

".What else can you expect for $10 copay ?..".. lol

vishy said...

kassuketha dosai nu solraru avaru.

susubala said...

Appt after 3 months...I think no one keep that in mind yaar !

Clean up within 10 mts...certainly impossible and definitely any Indian would not be satisfied !

Jagan said...

doctor giving you appointment after 3 months - that sure sucks

Anonymous said...

thats the health care in developed countries in UK USA
people in these countries have so much patience to wait for their appt
we in INDIA are more lucky, unfortunatly we still think our doctors suck

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