March 12, 2006


I caught up with few interesting chats with my friends that had come over to visit us over the weekend.

1. We were discussing about best cars to buy. Everyone suggested either Toyota or Nissan or Honda, but very few had approvals for American made cars ( A typical desi syndrome !). Some one even told that Desi's wouldn't prefer a SATURN , not 'coz its American made, but that the name relates to Shani (சனி !) .
Oh Well, I already own a Saturn and it runs smooth and have no problems yet !! (Touchwood!).

நம்ம மக்கள் கடல் கடந்து வந்தும்.......ஊம்...ஒன்றும் சொல்வதற்கு இல்லை !

2.This guy works in a Motel and he had his share of jokes for us.

He : Welcome to **** Motel, This is Suman,how may i help you ?
Customer : Some one ? How can some one help me ? Whats your name ?
He : This is suman
Customer : Semen ?
He :S-U-M-A-N (Spells out)
Customer :Oh, SU-MAN
He :Yeah..
And now Suman calls himself SAM !

Thats funny !


Jeevan said...

Maruti is the Best car.

Narayanan Venkitu said...


I bought a Camry in January. An american car was never in my mind. It was either Toyota or Honda ( Ofcourse..I am not rich to think about Benz or BMW). I have a Nissan and wouldn't go for one again..since I am not very happy with their quality.

Now, if you look around ( California ) and see the cars on the road you'll notice that a majority of the cars are Japanese!

Asians 99% buy only Jap. cars.

My American friends at work..would do that same..and infact we've had numerous discussions about how Detroit is losing out.!

Case in point: Hybrid Cars. Toyota has the Prius/Camry ( soon) and the Highlander Hybrids and honda has a few too. We have to wait to buy these and there is absolutely no bargaining.!!

Now whats wrong with Detroit. Why can they roll out small Hybrid cars? Why are they not? I am not sure.!!

I think the Japs. invest a lot of money in Building a quality product..vs Detroit...that just rolls out models.!!

Nissan lags in this list apart from their Altima line.!

All the above are MHO. :)

Venky Krishnamoorthy said...

Saturn was my first preference when I was looking for my first car, till I test drove the honda civic. I went ahead and bought the civic.
In dec'05, when I was shopping for a new car (my car was totalled), I knew I wanted to buy a japanese care only. I bought a subaru.

The quality of the japanese cars stands out. I totally agree with Narayanan

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