July 03, 2006


I have read a lot of positive reviews about this song "Vaazha meenukum,Vilangu meenukum kalyanam",and also heard that this song is a top favorite in all Chennai FM radios. I just happened to watch this video,and i seriously can't understand what makes this song a hit ? All that the singer -"Gana Ulaganathan" does was that he raises his hands like a politician,and Malavika dances for it !
Am i missing something here about the popularity of this song ?


ada-paavi!!!! said...

i agree with u prabhu

Jeevan said...

I think it became famouse for Ulaganathan's voice and telling different type of fish names.

tt_giant said...

Irritating song!!

S.Karthikeyan said...

Not all songs have captured the attention of my one and half year old son like this gana had done.

The song is rich in rhythm and orchestration and mannerism is perfect it grabs your attention.

Finally writing and singing songs in colloquial/chennai Tamil is a plus this is the way language grows.

Syam said...

its like...

which ever reason made the below songs hit
1.kalyaanam thaan kattikitu (sami)
2.Appadi Podu (gilli)
3.mamatha raasaa (thiruda thirudi)

aruna said...

Prabhu, ippadi ellam kelvi ketta eppadi? Atleast vaala meenu song means something. How does " Marugo marugo" song or similar no meaning songs were enjoyed as hit songs?? I think its all in the beats.

WA said...

Andha amma pottuttu irukka kanraavi dressku peru ennavo?

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