July 27, 2006

Power restored !

The power was finally restored after 10 days of black out in certain parts of Queens, New York .

Look at the pictures here !

Here is a press release from Con Ed (The electric company)

Residential Customers: You may file a claim, up to a maximum of $350, for actual losses of food spoiled due to lack of refrigeration.
Claims up to $150 must include an itemized list.
Claims over $150 must include an itemized list and proof of loss. Examples of acceptable proof of loss include cash register tapes, store or credit card receipts, cancelled checks, clean identifying price labels or UPC bar codes from merchandise, and photographs of spoiled items.

Commercial Customers:

You may file a claim, up to a maximum of $7,000, for actual losses of perishable merchandise spoiled due to lack of refrigeration.
Claims must include an itemized list and proof of loss.


Is the TNEB  even listening ?


Never guessed this news would find a place in THE HINDU !!


ada-paavi!!!! said...

india sir, TNEB is in india :)

யாத்திரீகன் said...

but prabhu.. with Indian Population.. how can we do a comparison with those silly guys...

moreover.. its been quite long since powercuts.... and even when it happens.. its been treated quickly....(even in madurai :-)

can you please stop complaining things and show your great mind... because its just India..
(sorry prabhu for using ur space on ada-paavi)

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Power cuts are taken for granted in India - Its a shame that we have grown so much in IT and yet we have power cuts in India!..Well it is too much to ask for power when there is no water to wash in Chennai!..How many of the Chennaites would dare drink corporation water?? Let me see if there is atleast one person.?

Well we all know about Indian politics, corruption and how the public sector works!

What can we ask for ? Shorter power cuts..that's all.!

That said - I find it amazing that several ares in NY were without power for 2 weeks ! Wonder how that happened?

aruna said...

I checked the TNEB site for the first time. When you click English, its all in English, When you click tamil, its all english again, except the title of the page.!?
So, did you have power in your place?

Syam said...

enna oru thena vettu irundha TNEB pathi solveenga...ithai kandithu oru naal token unna viratham and innoru naal token strike nadatha pogirom.... :-)

WA said...

Prabhu, seriously shouldn't you be questioning why its taken them 10 days to fix things?

Jeevan said...

Ennapa eatho bore podura mathiri irukku (in the link).Current came now?

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