April 13, 2005

Listen up!!

I got few experiences to share with Ya folks..Thanks to Kay for tickling my blog bulb.


In NYC, One can see atleast 3 chinese Takeouts within a distance of 3-5 blocks.The guys out there speak little english..Once i had gone there with my friend for a takeout. After packing our food,the woman at the counter asked us whether we wanted "hasa sosa" ..my friend replied "dosa"...She was fazed..

Well..She meant if we wanted HOT SAUCE or SOY SAUCE..

Most of my Colleagues that i work along with ,always wonder how Indians could be Polyglots?

(BTW,just look at the pics below and leave your impressions.CHANDRAMUKHI SPECIAL.......Thanks!)


Kay said...

This is damn funny i was in splits reading your post.

"my friend replied "dosa"..." --ROTFL

HOT SAUCE or SOY SAUCE - Hosa sosa

Semma funny post i really liked it :)))

sophie said...

LOL....cant control laughter

visithra said...

Inniya Puthandu Nall Vazhtukal :)))

thennavan said...

Prabhu, ensoy the tamil new year. Remember about something you had said you will do for me? :-)

Harish said...


Iniya puthaandu vaazhthukal, Prabhu :)

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