April 21, 2005

My friend got this 500 INR when he purchased a Mumbai Express CD at Chennai.I got wild when he showed it to me.Does this mean that our INR is considered so cheap to be imitated for advertisment?? One can see "I LOVE YOU" statements or Gandhi Meesai in our Currency.


Narayanan Venkitu said...

I think it should be looked at differently. All fun. It doesn't say 'Government of India' it says 'Rajkamal bank of India'. So it is ok I feel.

Praveen said...

Summa advt dhaan, serious-a eduthakanuma therila :)

But even as an advt, idhu total waste...they have put up a banner of this note at Cathepara. It is not at all catchy! Edho Govt notice-nu nobody wud see there! So dull and uninspiring!

Btw...enakku one doubt... eppadi comments windows-va direct-a popup aaga vekkarthu? Mine first goes to a new page, then I click on PostComment to get this popup....help!

Kaps said...

Here is Singapore there are stringent rules governing the usage of currency notes. Even if you put up an ad which encompasses a currency, you have to clearly state the words "Specimen". I think the govt. should do something about it.....just like what they told sportsmen (not to use the tricolour as headgear / bandana etc).

sophie said...

how stupid isnt it??

Adaengappa !! said...

Venkitu Sir,Praveen..I feel any currency should be given its due respect..Intha "valuable paper" kaha thaan veedu ,makkal,kadal thaandi vaalnthu kondirukirom..
Thats my 2 cents for you..

Paarteengala paarteengala..Again Money-la oru idiom..Thanks

Adaengappa !! said...

Log in blogger >settings>comments .Edit yes to POPUPS..thats it.

Hope it works for you..

Paiya,u know i no computer geek......lol

Adaengappa !! said...

Sambhar,Sophia..I AGREE WITH YOU..Thanks !

Ram.C said...

Kamal need not hv gone for these gimmicks for this movie. he could hv opted for some other advrt tricks, without affecting the national sentiments.

Lumbergh-in-training said...

what is wrong with this? is it worse than writing idiotic kavithais on it? or writing rajnikanth vaazhga or karunanithi ozhiga or some other crap on it?

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