January 03, 2006

Desi sounding cities in US....

.......Just came across few interesting Desi sounding cities in USA !!

Bombay : New York !
Delhi : New York !
Madras : Oregon !
Sa-Lem : Oregon !

Ganesha : Southern California !

....please add anything interesting that you've come across to this list !!


Narayanan Venkitu said...

There is a city by name 'Delhi' when you drive to Yosemite from the Bay area.!

Eclectic Blogger said...

Salem, Massachusetts

monu said...

Happy new yr!

visithra said...

Happy new year ;)

this is interesting ;)

கைப்புள்ள said...

Indore, West Virginia. I bumped into this while I was searching for a flat for rent in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

A search for Bombay in http://weather.msn.com gives
1. Mumbai, India
2. Bombay, Midland, Michigan, United States (closest location: Hope, MI)
3. Bombay, Goodhue, Minnesota, United States (closest location: Kenyon, MN)
4. Bombay, New York
5. Bombay, Auckland, New Zealand 6. Bombay, Haiti (closest location: Gonaïves, HTI)
7. Bombay, Sacramento, California, United States (closest location: Rio Linda, CA)
8. Bombay, Nickerie, Suriname (closest location: Nieuw Nickerie, SUR)
இவ்ளோ பாம்பே இருக்குதுங்கண்ணா!

arunchakkravarthy said...

salem, seattle

neighbour said...

salem , Oregan state Capital.

Ram.C said...

I had heard about Madras & Salem...

Bombay & Delhi - news to me!!!

शक्ती said...

oaklahoma's second oldest town shares its name with an indian name (happens to be mine).
check it out.

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