January 15, 2006

YO YO ! Listen to dis !!

I just got to listen to the song Pushing it hard from the movie kanda-naal-mudhal ,and it struck me that the tune seems to be an inspired lift from Ja Rule/Ashanthi's Rap number Wonderful. ( Full video )and few other rap mixes. The beats are very familiar to me and it sure sounds they are from recent HipHop/R&B chartbusters.

To be specific, Listen to the interludes and the rhythm after the english rap in the "Pushing it hard song" and compare with the tunes from "Wonderful ".

The lyric - I got the magic stick/Iam the love doctor was lifted from 50 CENT'S Candy Shop song !! (Verse 1 : Line 9).Most of the words seems to be a lift from 50's -In da club/P1MP songs !

A few month's earlier , Ganesh had posted about BEP 's lift from Ilayaraja's tune. Now,its the turn of his sons to get inspired from western music !!

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P.S :Iam a hardcore Rahman fan that i hardly bother to listen to other scores !! If i did, i wud end up writing like this !!..LOL !!


Lumbergh-in-training said...

Show me a new tamil/hindi song which was not 'insprired' by american music!

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Umm..interesting Catch.!!

IR's sons...aren't (IMHO) as talented as IR. Most of their songs are lifts of the Dad's. This is from outside.!

Lumbergh in training - How about the old IR songs? How many were lifts??

Prabu Karthik said...

summa illainga

YSR got the best software architect award for 2005(from me) for his expertise in this area:D

Kaps said...

good find Prabhu.

Jeevan said...

Me too fan of AR.Rahuman.

revatechnic said...

சினிமாலே இதெல்லாம் சகஜமப்பா...

Anonymous said...

as if RAHMAN hasn't copied anything.he too has copied many songs.go to itwofs.com and see for urself.plus i was in a hotel in singapore and i heard this
song which seemed to be a rip off from one of AR's songs.but the hotel manger told me that that song was released in1998 which was before AR'S song.A.R might have bursts of inspiration but he is just a western influenced musician who got lucky.he does rip songs but does it cleverly.

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