January 28, 2006

Whoa !!

..Though i had planned a break from blogging, i couldnot resist a post on Rang-De-Basanti- !!It is surely a Republic Day treat, a movie based on this story line .The Director deserves to be applauded for his concept of relating the pre-independence events against our colonial rulers to the present day situation that is ruled by corrupt politicians.The crew-with special mention to Siddharth-has given their best performance -AMAZING ! MUSIC-ARR-ULTIMATE!!
No reviews here, but it is worth the $$ that you'll never regret for watching this movie.
The dialogues in the movie are down to earth ,which one can relate to the current situations. A dialogue in the final scene goes likes this..."There are two kinds of people, one who tolerate with the society and lives along with it, the other who strives to make a difference in the society..". It irks me for i dont fit in any of those categories as i had moved elsewhere for a living, and on the other hand, incidents like Dubey's and Manjunath's -The whistle blowers of corruption keeps happening in our country.
Is there a solution to end these ills in our society ?


keerthi said...

remember Michael's dialogue on AKK..

"avangala vettina enna.. neenga nillunga.. ungalai vettina, vera oruththar nillunga.. avangalaala evvlo paeraithaan vetta mudiyum... ?"

Prabhu, please welcome Parithrana !

शक्ती said...

im sorry. ill be brave enough to say it. yes the first half was brilliant. it took indian filmmaking to great heights.
but such a great rise had a proportionately hard fall after the interval.
the film supposed to inspire a generation - god i hope the indian youth doesnt start killing ministers. there are other ways.
apparently the air force had problems with some scenes. im surprised the police and government didn't.
their portrayal was wrong and totally damaging to the state's image. nowhere in india are peaceful protestors shot at while sitting. nowhere. and they certainly don't manhandle women like that.
and at no time does the police fire upon criminals WILLING to surrender.
it may be a commercial success but there's no denying it's a moral failure.

Snow white said...


ராம்கி said...

Interesting blog. Why don't u write in Tamil? It's easy to make it in Unicode Tamil. mail me @ rajni_ramki@yahoo.com, hope i can help you.

अभिषेक पाण्डेय said...

Yes Prabhu, there are still lots of solutions, if we keep our eyes focused on that. As the movie depicted, killing and escaping are no solutions; rather, we've to be here, be focused for our goal, first change yourself, and rectify the future of the country. For you, Prabhu and the brothers and the sisters living outside of the India, this is the perfect time for u to come back and do something. We all need helps from each other and we have to realize that. Throwing lectures and abusing India is cowardness. This is the right time and we have adequate motive and opportunities to bring greatness. I hope for ur arrival....we r calling u, India is calling u.

Abhisek Pandey

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