September 02, 2008


NEWS : PDS to supply rice at Re. 1 a kg

I do not know whether the scheme to supply rice at one rupee a kilogram is an appreciable welfare measure by TN govt or yet another political gimmick. All that i know of those urban ration card holders,is that they procure the rice for purposes other than consumption. The rice grains are used to feed crows,sparrows,pigeons, and cooked rice as dog/cat feed and also as arisi kola podi/kola maavu.

Now, here are my questions:-
If the government can afford to ration rice at Re 1 /KG ,why are the other rice varieties cost more at annachi stores and supermarkets ?
Is this rice devoid of any caloric value and other rice has rich nutritional quality ?
Are there any politicians,including our CM use this rice for consumption at their homes?

Here in USA, the cost of rice has increased triple fold in recent months, and a twenty pound bag of rice costs about twenty dollars. Also,Most Indian grocery stores here in CA ran out of sona masoori,ponni varieties and desis are purchasing other brands. The stores report about the ban on rice exports from India.

நம்ம தமிழின தலைவர் ,கடல் கடந்து வாழும் தமிழ் மக்களின் துயர் துடைப்பாரோ ?


Lumbergh-in-training said...

tamilan thalaivar onga manatha thodaika varuvaru... ana konjam selavu agum, paravalliya?

Chakra said...

adhaan, thodachitaare.

see, 1kg of rice = $1

TN la, 1 kg = Re 1.

Currency mattum daan vidhyaasam.

expertdabbler said...

>>நம்ம தமிழின தலைவர் ,கடல் கடந்து வாழும் தமிழ் மக்களின் துயர் துடைப்பாரோ ?

hello.. avar TN makkaloda thuyarai pudichadhu podaadha??

Sundar Narayanan said...

dudes, went to local grocery store today..

said it was 41$ for 20 pound bag of rice!

we kept it back.

the chinese rice sucks. kids dont like it.. now hunting for a rice that does not go all goopy after two whistles in pressure cooker!

if you know of some, tell me.