September 01, 2008

Times of India !

Here is a chat transcript between me and my friend in Chennai,India !

11:42 AM K: machi, have you been tracking gustav?
11:43 AM me: Ya..but its over louisiana coast
nothing here in SoCal
ok tell me
Who is the gov of louisiana ??
11:44 AM K: bobby jindal?
me: ya and Mayor ?
K: Nagin - sounds like a bad 80s movie
me: Ray Nagin..yeah..good
K: lol
me: Have u been reading about floods in Bihar ?
K: ya, sad man :-(
11:45 AM there is more coverage of gustav than bihar..pathetic
even in indian media!!
11:46 AM me: Now tell me whoz the gov of bihar ?
K: who? i dont know
me: and mayor ?
11:47 AM K: no idea!!
me: Whoa..dei..Its India..
K: looks like there will be bihari mayor of mumbai soon...
11:48 AM me: As much as u keep urself updated on american politics..
you should be equally knowledgeable about India !
Huh...idhu thaan TIMES OF INDIA !
K: thats bihar, ask me abt tamil nadu
its like asking a german who the fucking mayor of paris is...
11:49 AM i dont know and i dont long as i get a free vacation ther ;-)
me: Whos ur thoguthi MLA or ur councillor ?
11:50 AM K: hmm... good questions
me: dei..Its good to keep track of world events, but at the same time it would not hurt to know about what's happening in your own backyard...
K: You are right ....


Jeevan said...

lol! i also need to check who is our thoguthi councillor, but i know the actor MLA :)

யாத்ரீகன் said...

:-) nice punch towards the end..

Ganesh said...

Sooper, vutta US county news kooda solluvanga namma makkal.

Keerthi said...

"you should be equally knowledgeable about India !"

I disagree.. "You could" can be fine. Practically, no use knowing both.

Lumbergh-in-training said...

nalla kelvi bathil... intha mathiri neriya kondu vango....