September 03, 2008


// Tripti Patil took a trip to Nordstrom at the International Mall Tuesday and found some panties, bras, workout pants, workout tops, a waist shaper and other clothes she liked. A total of $1,271.99 worth of merchandise, police say. // -Tampa Bay Online ;09/03/2008.

When i read the news,i was wondering as how these individuals who come to USA on work visa have guts to commit a crime without even thinking of the consequences.
Surely, there would be a legal process after which this lady would get deported to her home country. And if you thought this was a sporadic incident , you are wrong. This forum specifically discuss the criminal offenses committed by legal aliens !!

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வந்த இடத்துல வேலைய பார்த்தோமா,இருப்போமானு இல்லாம..இப்படியா ??

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Lumbergh-in-training said...

they do it all the time - stealing in small quantum multiple times - surfing net at company time, traveling in bus and train without taking ticket, etc... In US, you guys can't do that, so all the accumulated 'discount' has to be relieved in some way ;-)