August 11, 2006


This interesting incident happened this evening on my way back home. I stopped at starbucks (at lower Manhattan) for my evening coffee .I got my order from the counter,and moved on to an empty table.Just across the table were seated a Tamil couple-Uncle and Aunt-aged 60's- seemingly looked like tourists to the city. They looked at me,and asked if i spoke Tamil.(என் முகத்தில் தமிழன் என்று எழுதி இருக்கு போல !!).

Uncle looked puzzled,and asked me :தம்பி ,இன்னும் ஏன் யாரும் ஆர்டர் எடுக்க வரல ?
I explained to them about the self service,and enquired if they needed any help.They were astounded to learn about coffee's priced INR 450($8)and preferred to wait for their son.

Uncle added more : என் மகன் train station பக்கதில இருக்கிற காபி கடையில wait பண்ண சொன்னான்.அவன் வேலை முடிந்து எங்களை சுதந்திர தேவி திடலுக்கு கூட்டி போவான் .(My son wanted us to wait at this coffee shop near the train station.He would take us to Statue of Liberty as he returns from his work).
They are from a village near Madurai and i was unexpectedly surprised to hear மதுரை தமிழ் in Manhattan. Meanwhile his son came over,thanked me for my time.
It is always interesting to meet people from various backgrounds in unexpected situations !


Prabu Karthik said...

It is..

Rayil snegham madhiri Hotel sneham

WA said...

8 dollars-aa oru cup coffeeyaa? Hmmmm

யாத்திரீகன் said...

:-) Very Interesting Prabhu..

(hmmm.... konjam yosichu paartha aamam-nu solla thonuthu .. ethukunu ketkureengala ? ;-)

Chakra Sampath said...

i hav never been inside Starbucks here in London... now that i know that the cofee is priced at $8, I would never go in any day. :)

Balaji S Rajan said...

No wonder that you would have felt happy in hearing Madurai Tamil in Manhattan. I pity such innocent people. One afternoon, I saw a similar India Dad walking with his bag zip opened. I told him to be aware and he thanked for the same. It was so pathetic to see him walking, amazing at the buildings with a side of his bag opened. I would love to help such people.