August 12, 2006

Thats right !

I recently read this post in the rants and raves section on craigslist.

Observation: Indian guys during lunch
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pers-191794179@craigslist.orgDate: 2006-08-08, 9:42PM EDT

I work @ AIG offices in Jersey City, NJ and have noted this interesting observation: Indian guys RARELY go out for lunch. 12 PM rolls around and everyone is headed for the local eateries but the Indian guys have their Tupperware and head right for the microwave. So I asked one of the many IT Indian guys, don't you guys go out to lunch? They were like.. no.. our wives prepare our lunch for us every day. Every day! Damn. These are some lucky fuckers. The last person who made lunch for me was my MOM. And you can see the love in that moment.. the sauces are in one tupperware, the rice is in another tupperware, the dipping breads are wrapped in alimimum foil.. the silverware.. it's very clear that these guys have it together. They look meek and lanky and wussy, but their women cook for them every day! And you know they're getting dinner and breakfast and consistent *****. No wonder you never see an Indian guy flirting with the hot chicks in Martketing. Now I find myself VERY attracted to Indian females and see a lot of beauty in them where I didn't really notice them before. You Indian guys had me fooled.. you guys are cool..
this is in or around Tupperware heaven
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indianangel said...

Good One! Good that you shared this with us!

Sundar Narayanan said...

the other side of this story is that indians are stingy and they dont want to spend money outside.. i got that from a co worker once.. but i just told him there is nothing wrong with saving money by not eating outside..and just to rub it in i did ask him "when was the last time your wife packed your lunch for you?"


WA said...

ROTFL but just one thing had to be pointed out, this guy didn't really notice the Indian girls before? Who is he trying to kid?

Shankari said...

collar up to us girls...he he he

Rose said...

Right now... I cooking every day for myself and bring it to work.. It first it was exciting.. But no it suck!!! I wish I had some1 to cook for me..



Aravind said...


Balaji S Rajan said...

Yes.. we are lucky to have our women preparing lunches for us. We realise the value of shadow only when it is very hot. Not only we are stingy, we cannot afford to have unhealthy food too. People who are used of home food, may not like the food sold in take aways. Isn't it?

aruna said...

I always read "best of craigslist"...This is a cool one though !!

Yadayada said...

Nice post. Will show this to my husband.

Balaji said...


Ha ha...I am giving a big grin now after reading this post.

Praveen said...

Very nice. I am a grad student, and see this happening everytime-

1) They always pack and crib about chinese food, when sambar stinks just as much.

2) They will call you a fool if you spend $3 on juice-the contention being that you can buy food at taco bell for the same amount.

3) They will never buy anything that does not come in a deal

4) They will never buy music online, as it can always be downloaded.