August 20, 2006


The chief guest of the occasion was Amisha Patel !

The Press/Photographers mobbed her so much during the parade that the tiny beauty wasn't visible to the public.
I tried my best to click the pictures..
For desis,a charismatic personality is always a crowd puller.
However,I was dismayed to see comparatively less crowd today than last year's parade 2005..




.|| At the stage :Zoomed 5X to get this pic !



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Twisted DNA said...

Good photos. Looks like it's a pretty big event!

"The chief guest of the occasion was Amisha Patel!"
Now that's one functions I would definitely miss :)

Ganesh said...

Prabhu kalakal photos
ama sappad nalla irundhadha ?

Maran said...

You should get 12x zoom! :)

shashank said...

Hey guys whats with these Gujju uncles and aunties man? Dont they feel it silly calling such small time starlets to use them as trinklets for such an important occasion as India Independance day?

I mean, do we need some silly starlet to come out and join the parade? So much for love of a country they left!


Prahlad Kakar said...

Twisted DNA

This is entangled enzyme : )

Yeah, I agree. I would miss that function in a heartbeat. I think it is so stupid of the Business association to call someone from entertainment industry and that too a microcosm of the universe and call her a "chief guest"! Are these people without brains or what?

Anonymous said...

To the Men without Balls

To all those men who reach out for the Bipasas and the Amisas of the world. One word - scr*wballs!!!

Do you think these women who loose their dignity and dress in a heartbeat for money are idols of any kind other than those plastered on walls of frustrated teens? It is sickening to watch middle aged, successful business men and women and their families go for such low display of honor.

If you want to call as chief guest, call someone who has done something worthwhile for society. What has Amisha done? Besides breaking up a married man's family and you place honor to such low women? Sickos1 hullu bhar pani mein doob maro

Anonymous said...

what marrige break up are you talking about...get your facts before accusing her of this...Vikram broke up with his much much before he met Amisha,,, it was Sushmita,,,she is the one who caused Vikram's break up with his wife