August 29, 2006


In my previous post , i had mentioned about the H4's watching the megaserials. I didn't mean to hurt anyone, but a fellow blogger has expressed her views in my comments section.

Hi Prabhu,

Today i got hurt by the comment as H4's watching stupid serials. I am on H4 here and believe me there is no other pain in the world which you can give to a lady other than asking her to be in a four walls in a different country. Sometimes we feel like we dont have anything more in the life and we feel there is nothing in life. I have lots of friends in H4 and they feel the same. You can realise the pain one and only when you were in that position. As you said, we watch those stupid serials. Even we know that it is stupid, but we dont have anything else which we could time pass. Even i used to comment in India, my mom watching those damn serials. Now i am on the same shoe. No hard feelings Prabhu, just thought of sharing with you something. If this hurts you, i am sorry.


Infact, when i browsed thru' her archives, she had already written about the timetable of a H4 dependent !

Dear fellow bloggers,
Please offer your suggestions as how the H4's can keep themselves engaged ?!

Thanks !