August 26, 2006


Iam becoming increasingly addicted to IKEA products.Their "Do-it-yourself" space saving novelly modelled furnitures tagged with low prices are just irresistible for a compulsive shopper.

How did IKEA become a home brand name ?

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Venky Krishnamoorthy said...

I am a great fan of IKEA too. Most of my household stuff are from IKEA. They are very simple to put together and look pleasing to your eyes.

Ram.C said...

On and off, we used to go to IKEA at singapore.. Eventhough, I don't love shopping that much, it fits my wallet whenever my wife goes for shopping.. atleast she doesn't go for expensive shops, those times.. :-) :-)

WA said...

Shopping at Ikea is so stressful :( Yes it doesn't hurt the wallet so much, but finding the stuff and loading it onto the trolley, paying for it and then having to take it to another counter for delivery. Especially during a long bank holiday weekend, I need a day to recover after the Ikea shopping fiasco. Can't wait for their online shopping to take shape.